Scott Habermehl


I’ve always taken a great deal of pride in my craft as a coach, and strive to help clients achieve success with their goals. 

As one of Canada’s top prep coaches, I continually work with both pro and amateur competitors, countless athletes, as well as any individual looking to reach their full potential. 
As a practitioner under Dr. McGill, I also help back pained individuals alleviate pain and return to their active lifestyle.
Upon a thorough examination of relevant information regarding each client and their goal(s), a detailed plan of attack is outlined and executed.  Including, but not limited to
-Strength & Conditioning
-Nutrition & Weight cutting
-Competition prep
-Pharmacology available.

I’ve been working with individuals for 20 years, published research papers, books, and continue to upgrade my skills with the goal of providing clients quality information and guidance to help ensure success.

Coaching and Consultations available


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