Juris Skribans


A professional meathead, semi-professional bodybuilder and an elite strength addict who started his way into the fitness world through track and field, team sports, and powerlifting before transitioning into bodybuilding.
Currently helping other meatheads to develop mental and physical power beyond what is deemed to be reasonable (with great results). And loving it.
Can speak in 4 different languages (fluent in three).

The product of the Soviet Union who was raised in independent Latvia and currently resides in the United Kingdom.
Being born in a country which did not tolerate any kind of weakness – mental or physical, along with the saying ‘real men start from the bodyweight of at least 100kg’, it was given that you just had to train your ass off to become the alpha male. Or at least a male of some sort.
My home country, although small, is rich in legends of superhuman warriors (such as Elite Latvian Riflemen Division who were the driving force behind the Russian army in the first world war), traditions (first ever Christmas tree was erected in the capital of Latvia in 1510 although the country was also one of last to abolish practices of paganism as late as 2001), sporting accomplishment (first Europe champions in basketball) and family traditions. Family is everything.
Why the little history lesson? To understand why Latvians have so much pride in striving for excellence. Physically and mentally.


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