Mircea Balaj

Online Coach

Mircea has been Broderick’s research assistant for the past 2 years, and has grown (literally) under his guidance.

Mircea offers consulting services at a reasonable price and under Broderick’s direct supervision.

Dave Crosland


  • Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs specialist
  • steroid expert witness
  • harm reduction and education in steroid users
  • Advisor to the ACMD (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs)
  • star of the cult hits Under Construction 1 and Under Construction 2
  • founder of Croslands Harm Reduction and Drug Counseling Services
  • founder of e-Val Blood Analysis

Scott Habermehl

Hollywood Built

Scott has spent over a decade coaching 100’s of individuals from general weight loss, body composition and low back pain to sport specific training for amateurs and pros a like.

Lyle McDonald

Body Recomposition

Lyle is a researcher and coach who has trained powerlifters, Olympic lifters and endurance athletes, prepped bodybuilders for shows along with helping thousands find TRUE solutions to losing fat and improving performance.

Juris Skribans

Skribans Strength

MSc Sports and Exercise Nutrition

A professional meathead, semi-professional bodybuilder and an elite strength addict who started his way into the fitness world through track and field, team sports, and powerlifting before transitioning into bodybuilding.

Andrew Triana

Performance Vibe

Andrew Triana content provider for Muscle&Fitness, Rebel Performance, founder of TPV, Allostatic Labs, and is most notably, an extremist.

David Herrera

David Herrera


David has most recently placed 1st in his division at the 2020 USPA Pandemonium Pro/Am, 2019 USPA FitCon World Cup Pro Invitational, 2018 USPA StrengthX Grand Prix, 2018 IPL FitCon World Cup as well as many other meets in the USPA, IPL, WPC and APF federations.

IFBB Pro Andrew Hudson

Andrew Hudson


Andrew is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, nutritionist and coach. 

He is a full time online trainer and coach, and the owner of Bikini Evolution, Body Evolution Physique coaching and My Best Body.

He has coached over 3000 people online to success. He has coached numerous male and female professional athletes and celebrities, as well as a bunch of regular hard-working men and women.

Daniel DeBroke

Stacked Strength

Daniel is the founder of Stacked Strength. He is a strength and conditioning coach and primarily works with powerlifters and athletes looking to improve body composition.

Rawdon Dubois

The Dubois Method

Rawdon is one of Australia’s leading online physique preparation coaches and has developed his own brand, The Dubois Method, combining the latest scientific research, a touch of bro science along with his “in the trenches” real world experiences, delivered with an uncompromising attention to detail that’s second to none!

Alex Kikel

The Prep Coach

The Prep Coach brand has grown into a community of individuals striving to expand their own knowledge base and achieve their own goals. 

Will Dyson

Molecular Biologist

“I’m Will Dyson, a Molecular Biologist, Online Coach and Educator. I’ve spent the last 10 years in academia studying my FdSc, BSc, MSc and PhD (just wrapping up) in Molecular Biology, am a competitive amateur bodybuilder (8 years) and love all things training, nutrition and performance enhancement. My primary objective is to make distill complex topics into easily understandable and applicable take homes, without overcomplicating.”
Qualifications – FdSc Biological Sciences
BSc Molecular & Cellular Biology
MSc Biosciences
PhD (Studying) Molecular Biology & Biophysics
PgDip Performance Nutrition
Level 4 Advanced Nutrition
Level 4 Personal Training

Johnny Law

Johnny Law Muscle

  • Online Fitness Coach
  • Team Flex Wheeler Sponsored Athlete
  • American Badass

Dean Maden

Serious Strength Academy

Director of @serious.strength.gym
Founder of Serious Strength Academy
Educating people in the REAL world – The No Nonsense Way!

I personally compete at world level as an under 90kg Strongman for England and reached 9th in the world in 2019, Now competing in the u105kg category and working my way to the top!

Tanya Miller

Tanya Miller

Tanya Miller

  • My name is Tanya, I’m here to infiltrate the boys’ club.
  • I’ve been pursuing (some version of) bodybuilding for about a decade now.
  • Figure athlete
  • BS in Exercise Science
  • Currently completing my MS in Exercise Science (with a study on ultrasound measurement of muscle architecture)
  • Graduate lab assistant
  • Future researcher
  • Neurodivergent
  • Basically a machine

Matt Tofton

Team MuscleFlex

  • Director of MuscleFlex gym
  • Body Transformation Specialist
  • Online coach/Personal trainer

Rowan Zunckel

Rowan Zunckel

  • Africa’s Top Female Strength Athlete
  • Elite powerlifter
  • African Record Holder 
  • WPC world record holder
  • South African / Wife / Mom

Matt Tofton

Team MuscleFlex

  • Director of MuscleFlex gym
  • Body Transformation Specialist
  • Online coach/Personal trainer

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