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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 6-1-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:12 Advice to improve HDL?

01:43 What constitutes a “rest period” between sets? Would hitting say delt raises between sets of squat interfere with the “rest” significantly? What about stretching/mobility?

06:24 My RBC came up pretty high after this cycle (200mg of Test and 700mg of Primo). The only thing that I quantified as different was the amount of red meat. Could this be the reason?

08:57 Which blood markers can be affected by Clenbuterol?

10:47 Where does the dosage during the bridge come from (3mg/kg)?

13:17 Compared to Off-Season, should training for physique athletes change during the prep phase?

15:08 Is there an “anabolic window” post training in which consuming protein and carbs results in more anabolism compared to eating later?

17:08 Do you have any idea what causes the abdomen to distend while on anabolics?

17:37 What are your thoughts on, given limited budget, 2IU HGH during the cycle! Rather than 4IU, then increasing to 4IU GH off cycle with cypionate 250mg weekly?

19:49 My MPV (mean platelet value) is lower than the normal range for many months. Could you tell me what it means and if it is dangerous?

22:40 I struggle with insomnia just like yourself, albeit probably not nearly as severely. If I take GH at night “pre-bed”, is it best to inject pretty close to when I’ll actually fall asleep? Sometimes I take my GH but not fall asleep for another couple of hours and I feel like it’s being wasted.

24:52 When I was a “natural asshole” I had a pretty standard appetite, and could eat in a deficit without having to use much will power for at least a couple of weeks. Now after about a year and a half of using anabolics and being highly muscular above baseline, I find that even eating in a slight surplus on nothing but whole foods it is challenging to not go overboard and keep eating. Is this common?

26:57 I would be interested to know the drug usage of pro wrestlers, given the muscle mass and orthopedic toll, particularly in the 90s. I know you mentioned working with some WCW stars back then.

30:00 How long would it take someone to reach IFBB Pro level with the “longer lower slower” approach vs. the “burn the bridge” approach?

35:37 Ignoring the natural part of the above question would going slower const you results?

40:28 Announcements!

43:16 How would the application of Meldonium differ for a short distance sprinter vs. a long distance sprinter?

46:23 Because women require less muscle mass, would you expect them to reach pro status faster than a male?

50:49 Consult/coaching rates for the coming year!

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