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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-30-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

00:50 What’s in the cup this morning?

02:06 Do you like Anadrol?

02:41 Statin used to reduce LDL?

04:42 When escalating sets & deescalating cardio, how do you go about that?

05:45 If using Testosterone & Primobolan for a dieting phase, should one add more Primobolan or introduce Masteron?

07:17 How long would it take for endogenous T3 production to recover and what could aid in its recovery?

09:08 Should Metformin be periodized?

10:25 Do you have a favorite oral steroid?

10:44 Is it realistic to repeat a course at the same mg/kg or should you always up the dose?

12:33 When breaking protein down, in which category would eggs fit in?

13:52 How long can one stay on Sports TRT/HRT?

14:20 Does muscle growth slow down after 6-8 weeks?

15:13 What is the minimum amount of cardio to do while on a cycle?

16:35 What would be the best oral steroid to increase the recovery rates in athletes?

17:21 What should be the sum of skinfolds in the offseason for a woman?

19:39 Is there a synergistic effect between Trenbolone & T3?

22:12 What is the last day of higher dose of T3 for an athlete before a show?

23:09 Could you use EQ to balance out the negative cardiovascular effects of Trenbolone?

25:02 Any plans for a new Roundtable with Alex and Andy?

26:53 Muscular recovery in an endurance athlete dealing with soreness & DOMS. Regarding the previous question about oral steroids for recovery.

29:20 Do you also aim for 30mm for women’s bodybuilding?

30:03 Do the drugs for an offseason powerlifter differ from those used for a meet?

32:21 Ways to mitigate headaches from Viagra?

32:52 Should oral anabolics be taken with food or not?

34:40 Does the injected muscle grow more?

34:45 Is Turinabol superior to Testosterone or Boldenone for an endurance athlete in general?

36:25 How could I know if my estrogen is too high or too low taking 1g of EQ?

38:38 Are bodybuilding drugs & powerlifting drugs?

39:22 Is berberine useful for insulin sensitivity?

40:19 If hemoglobin is 18-19 should I bring it down?

41:18 How to use GH for fat loss?

41:35 Which AAS have the most impact on RBC production?

43:15 Orals pre workout or spaced throughout the day?

43:31 Are there other diabetic drugs other than Metformin & insulin used bi athletes?

44:38 Is it possible to use Anavar without suppressing natural Testosterone production?

44:52 What is the maximum dosage of orals one could take without risking liver damage?

45:50 GH for fat loss simplified: take GH, have a cup of coffee, once done get on the treadmill & start moving legs

46:10 Why do they say that Metformin hinders muscle building?

46:30 About the EQ question, hematology was taken into consideration. About E2 I was worried about muscle gains.

48:42 When would be the best time to get bloodwork done?

50:24 How low increments would you suggest a woman use to escalate to a peak dose of Primobolan enanthate?

51:54 Would repeating a training cycle not have diminishing returns?

53:02 What would you recommend the maximum total cholesterol for an athlete be?

56:06 Can you use caffeine & Clenbuterol together?

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