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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-18-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:18 Can weight training be used as cardio?

05:03 Does vitamin D supplementation require vitamin K to work effectively?

07:11 Would you implement IGF-1 DES for lagging body parts even if the athlete is using GH?

08:33 What do you cover in a 1 hour consult?

09:26 Is there any significant difference between reconstituting GH with bacteriostatic water and sodium chloride?

11:06 In what context can decreased hematocrit be a negative thing?

13:15 Is it viable to swap 300mg testosterone and 300mg of Masteron with 600mg of Boldenone 8 weeks into a course if hemoglobin remains low (15)?

15:01 Is BPC-157 systemic or does it have to be applied locally?

16:53 What is the most extreme thing you have tried to treat your insomnia?

17:15 Does Boldenone have less androgenic side effects than Testosterone?

18:16 Does daily creatine use provide a measurable increase in performance for a Testosterone/AAS user?

19:30 What would be your course of action to troubleshoot and fix a chronic distended stomach?

21:18 I’ve heard both natural and enhanced athletes can greatly benefit from a daily baby aspirin. Is this accurate or painting with too big of brush?

23:55 What’s your opinion of Sustanon? In what context would you or would you not want to use it?

24:25 How much value do you see in measuring creatinine clearance rates as a marker of kidney function?

26:48 How is Cerberus?

26:17 Does Trenbolone lower endogenous thyroid secretion?

28:55 32 year old 90kg male recreational user. I’ve just started my second course (Sports TRT + Masteron totalling 6.5mg/kg) After this I’ll again take 16 weeks totally off from hormones (maybe bridge with some Clenbuterol). I’d prefer to delay starting the next injectable course until next May so am considering 8-10 weeks of orals (Winstrol only to start adding 20mg daily Dianabol for HRT after 6 weeks – escalating to 7mg/kg) through January and February to allow time for recovery before May. Does this sound reasonable? Does anything stand out to you that I’m overlooking?

30:58 How to determine Niacinamide dosage?

31:33 The members website states Meldonium to be used for a max for 120 days. What would be the off period before adding it back to a course? Is it still a 1:1 recommendation?

32:45 After reviewing Mircea’s journal with EQ usage in his 2nd cycle and some other hearsay/bloodwork, is it possible that EQ causes down regulation on E2 in some individuals, similar to Masteron? Rather than the mentioned 50% aromatization rate?

35:22 How doI know when to use an AI during my first cycle?

36:56 Is it true that Aspirin is best taken at night because that is when blood thickens the most?

38:10 How long would it take to get thyroid suppression from Trenbolone? Would it be better to add T3 instead of T4 in this case?

40:10 I’m a combat athlete trying to recomp on my next course to fill out a weight class (5’10, 200 lbs 12% bf, trying to be 205 lbs, 8-10% bf). Anabolics and HGH will be at play, but I’m considering adding insulin to get more out of less anabolic burden. Would this complicate things too much since insulin makes fat storage more likely or does the magnitude of the anabolic environment at play counteract the potential fat storage?

42:45 What would be the best test to measure estrogen generated from Nandrolone?

43:20 Does using BP medication negate the fat burning effects of Clenbuterol?

44:24 I know some Russian boxers that use Tren in their “off season” to add muscle mass. It seems like a bad choice to me due to its negative effect on cardio.

45:16 I see ZMA is highly recommended before bed time, but is this beneficial if casein is consumed an hour before bed time given its calcium levels?

46:25 Is there such a thing as adrenal fatigue?

47:24 I’ve just had a 6 months training break because of COVID restrictions. Before that, I was at 900 mgs a week, which was around 7 mgs/kg at the time. If my goal is to get back to my former physique as fast as possible, is it enough to start with Sports TRT and stay there for a while, or would I gained the muscle back faster, by starting at Sports TRT and climbing back to my last dose more quickly?

49:33 On last Q&A you gave some advice regarding guessing total kcal that should be consumed during the ‘bridge period’, and how to adjust from there. The adjustment should be to maintain all the weight gained during the cycle, is that correct?

53:12 I am a hyper responder to Testosterone. Would it be more beneficial or necessary to go to the 3 mg per kilogram or stay where I’m at considering the way I respond to Testosterone?

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