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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-9-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:15 Do you recommend niacin to block the HDL lowering effects of AAS?

02:20 HCG alongside TRT to preserve fertility?

04:07 Are there circumstances where you would have a physique athlete use Dianabol during an offseason?

05:44 Thoughts on berberine?

05:50 Is 30kcal/kg too little for recomposition if 35kcal/kg is maintenance?

06:50 Are garlic & krill oil good HDL boosters?

08:30 Does the slow variety of niacin have the same cholesterol lowering properties like the normal version?

09:41 How long does the COVID vaccine take to create antibodies?

10:09 Where is Daniel Pekic?

10:50 Could you recommend a men’s physique coach in the UK?

12:14 Is DAA good for naturals to accrue muscle faster?

12:45 Do you have a non-idiot proof guide for macronutrients?

13:17 Does using PEDs from a young age influence the potential to carry muscle in the future?

14:26 What is the best way to get rid of stubborn fat for people that were previously obese?

15:17 How do you think Charlie looked at his first show?

17:33 Do you plan on releasing a book on PEDs like your book on nutrition?

17:56 Do you recommend baby aspirin for all your athletes?

18:53 Any differences in female athletes using concurrent GH and AAS?

21:27 How to limit estrogen side effects from someone that heavily aromatizes?

22:50 How and when would you implement Proviron during a cycle?

24:54 Clomid post cycle for a tested powerlifter?

26:10 What is the most common mistake in athletes using PEDs?

26:56 Does Nandrolone mask an injury or does it actually heal it?

29:37 Can you inject AAS with a small insulin needle?

30:03 Do you support the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off approach for Clenbuterol use?

30:16 Is there a top dose you would cap off for a woman using MK-677?

30:37 What’s in your cup today?

31:15 Is DHT derived from Testosterone more anabolic to the prostate than Masteron?

33:06 Your thoughts on TRT for 55 year old people?

33:49 What would you change if you would repeat your first cycle?

35:18 Thoughts on mushrooms…?

35:45 What are the most useful secondary benefits for mainstream steroids?

37:23 Thoughts on using an ARB while on AAS?

38:33 Considerations for choosing between Deca & NPP for joint health?

42:12 What was your first cycle and did you need an AI?

43:13 How would you assess the bioavailability of a Testosterone cream?

45:07 Do you speak Spanish?

45:48 Do you plan on having a course or class in the future?

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