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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-7-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:18 I’ve been running 2IU of HGH for about 14 months now and while running courses of AAS I up the dose to 4IUShould I take time off of GH or are there things I should be looking for in bloodwork or other health markers to monitor?

03:27 If using insulin for the purpose of fat loss in a low calorie environment, would you dose it at every meal or stick with the 3x daily administration? Also as a dosage guide what would you suggest? I have access to rapid acting only.

06:30 If one wants to do conventional deadlifts for back on a hypertrophy program “pull day” how would u implement them in the workout at the end or beginning? Currently prioritizing them at the beginning, while doing isolations at the end.

08:36 If I have a day where I eat close to double my maintenance calories I get bloated & the scale goes up. It takes about 14 days to return to normal. What is the cause for this?

10:28 Currently taking 200mg of Testosterone & not gaining weight or getting stronger. Should I add more Testosterone or another compound?

12:30 Is there any benefit in doing fasted cardio as opposed to other times during the day & would GH influence this?

16:35 Is there truth to “drying” compounds increasing the risk of tendon injuries?

20:12 Is it beneficial to do fasted cardio during a hypertrophy phase if that best fits my schedule?

21:32 Would you have a different opinion on Trenbolone if the doses being used were not as high?

23:08 In which situation would you prescribe deloads?

26:15 Cardio recommendations (HR, duration, etc.) for physique athletes?

27:03 What method do you recommend for finding new maintenance calories?

28:23 When travelling internationally, is there an ideal way to take non-prescribed TRT with you without running into problems at customs?

29:47 In your experience, is there any validity to the broscience thought that 19-nortestosterone derivatives affect PCT success and fertility upon cessation moreso than other “milder” AAS such as Primobolan and Anavar assuming same weekly dosage? If so, why could that be the case?

31:07 I used your kcal approach described in the book (it worked greatly) and now I’m going to my cruise phase for 2 months. I didn’t get fatter during the cycle (65 mm over 9 sites). How is your Post-It rule for cruising phases?

In Australia, you can only get veterinary grade injectable carnitine. Pretty sure I’ve heard you say, vet grade is actually more pure than human because animals can have greater reactions. So, I assume vet grade carnitine would also be ok for human usage?

33:22 Does one’s natural Testosterone values have an impact on how many AAS that person needs to take?

33:55 Are DHT derivatives beneficial for bodybuilding weight sports?

36:35 Do you prefer Coffee to espresso? What roast do you prefer?

38:03 Is female fat distribution related to the distribution of alpha 2 receptors?

38:45 Is it recommended for a physique athlete to use the cardio modalities described by Hollywood Built (Scott Habermehl ) in his articles on MMA?

40:04 Is there a range of total or free Testosterone that should be targeted, or is it dependent on other markers?

41:14 Can BPC-157 or TB-500 be used chronically?

43:36 How often are the Q&As uploaded to the members site?

44:36 Is there a systemic allergic response to different types of GH?

45:33 Top 3 injection sites?

47:16 Do you think that all peptides sold on Alibaba are of consistent quality?

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