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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-27-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:29 How would you separate GH & fast acting insulin?

03:24 Congratulations on your wife’s performance at the strongman competition!

03:33 Do you have experience with phytosteroids and their efficacy?

05:01 Do Testosterone & Masteron have the same half-life if they both have the propionate ester?

06:25 If rehabbing a tendon injury would you deviate from the 5 on / 2 off rule?

06:56 I should have been more specific. I’m curious on timing GH + insulin if one is taking GH in the morning before fasted cardio?

08:35 First cycle was two years ago: Oxandrolone 50mg and 500mg Test E for 12 weeks. Second cycle should be more mg per kg or start at 5mg/kg?

10:40 I would be interested to hear about Stanolone (DHT) – what would be the right kind of job for this tool?

13:33 I’ve heard that prolactin can be elevated post cycle, but if you saw a number just shy of 10 times the reference range and no drugs used that should cause an elevation (steroids or otherwise), would you suspect a prolactinoma or have you seen numbers as high as that come up?

15:39 Are the strength benefits of Anadrol more driven by neurology, leverage from retention, and/or increased energy in muscle?

18:45 What is the most effective diet for fat loss while on DNP / how effective would a low Carb – High protein diet be? Does DNP impede you from gaining muscle and how can this be counteracted?

25:38 Possible coincidence but when I stopped GH my sinuses seemed to become more inflamed and allergies worsened. Have you seen something like this before?

25:51 Thoughts on Charles Poliquin method of training the same muscle group twice a day (low reps in the AM, high reps in the PM)?

26:27 Do side effects tend to occur fairly predictably in repeat courses?

27:51 If using Lantus for background insulin. How often would you increase the dose and by how much each time?

30:07 Does Clenbuterol reduce water retention due to its effect on mineral balance?

30:40 You recommend 1-2mcg/body weight Clenbuterol for fat loss. If the (side-)effects are manageable at 2mcg/body weight are there any benefits of going higher for fat loss?

31:36 Do high doses of Testosterone negatively impact collagen synthesis?

32:01 In regards to side effects of 19 nor. NPP seems to affect my moods/attitude negatively (not in terms of anger, I just don’t feel good) yet I feel very good on Tren. Is this something you see often?

33:37 If adding more drugs is never the answer, why is adding Masteron to a Sports TRT not frowned upon but an aromatase inhibitor is?

34:38 If someone is at their maximum sun exposure capability, at what vitamin D3 blood level would oral supplementation offer benefits? (Answered by Lyle McDonald: 50 ng/dl is sort of thought to be optima. Subtract current level from that. To raise by 1 ng/dl takes 100 IU Vitamin D, so if you’re at 30 ng/dl, take 2000 IU per day to raise it by the 20 needed to get 50)

37:13 I saw you mentioning you take the drug according to its half life. I also saw you mentioning that when having only access to Masteron Propionate you would take it twice a week, but according to Anabolics, Wikipedia and The Merck Index its half life is 2 days. Could you clarify it?

38:50 Why would you use a peptide such as GHRP 2 or 6, rather than just GH?

40:03 Last week I asked about injectable Dianabol. Are you able to compare potency (mg per mg) of injectable vs. oral so I can calculate into my total mg dosage?

41:10 Tanning bed 2x/week has my D3 at 46ng/mL. So that goes to show it does work pretty well.

42:37 In the last Q&A someone asked about injectable oil-based Winstrol in comparison with Primobolan. You answered that usually, it’s pretty clear which one should be used..but you didn’t elaborate on it. Can you explain?

46:23 How do you know how much Testosterone you can take before going over the T/E ratio? Can you infer it from a normal testosterone test?

53:20 Is there a specific benefit to adding Proviron to a supplement protocol?

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