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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-25-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:00 Is it possible to prevent body hair growth while on AAS?

01:50 What would you do after eating an extra 2000kcal for 3 days?

01:13 What natural testosterone levels would you like to see in a 25 year old bodybuilder?

03:20 What are the pharmacokinetics when applying insulin intramuscularly?

04:10 Is there a dosage threshold for Primobolan?

04:58 What do you think about Deca only?

07:08 Did you watch the UFC last night?

07:24 Are dumbbell overhead presses better for overall shoulder development than barbell overhead presses?

09:00 When do you program 1RM tests?

10:23 Do Primobolan & Masteron act like AIs?

10:58 What is the chance of passing a TET test at 1.5mg/kg of Testosterone Cypionate?

12:37 What compounds would you take for overall health?

13:35 Any supplements you’d recommend as staples for AAS users?

14:00 I retain a lot of water over the weekends & take 1 Lasix every Monday. Are there any long term concerns with taking 1 Lasix a week?

15:13 More anabolics or less anabolics plus GH & insulin. Which would be better for muscle growth?

15:58 Would Meldonium make fiber less effective?

16:21 Your favorite foods?

16:32 What foods should not be missing from an athletic diet?

16:48 Your favorite athlete?

17:22 Is transdermal Yohimbine better than oral?

18:05 Is nucleus overload training effective?

18:40 Minimum effective dose for Meldonium & are there any other compounds that it would synergize with?

19:30 Differences between black & white individuals when it comes to side effects?

20:30 Can Metformin inhibit muscle growth?

22:48 What dosage should Masteron be at the beginning of a cycle if Testosterone is 250mg?

23:20 Have you read The Scientific Principles Of Hypertrophy by Dr. Mike Israetel et al & what do you think about it?

24:30 Do DHT compounds affect hematocrit & RBCs at all?

25:37 Is chromium redundant if using Metformin?

25:56 What would you change if you could go back 20 years?

26:38 Would it take the same time to lower hematocrit as it did to raise it?

27:43 How to get an extra reservoir of potassium?

29:05 Nucleus overload training is a new concept by Mike Israetel.

29:30 Can I maintain my hamstring with only hip hinge movements, without any leg curls?

30:54 What are the allergic reactions one can get from DNP?

32:23 At what point would you implement T3 alongside T4?

32:46 What rep/set routine would you recommend for squats for hypertrophy?

33:27 TRT at 19 years old. Good idea?

36:20 Mike Israetel did not come up with nucleus overload training!

37:05 In what situation would you not recommend Metformin for hypertrophy?

38:10 215 total sets at 19 years old. Is TRT a good idea?

39:08 When using Clenbuterol, what blood markers should one check?

41:20 Regarding the previous squat question, I want to use squats as the main movement for leg hypertrophy.

43:52 My total Test score is 215 at 19 years old. Is TRT a good idea?

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