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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-23-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:10 How would you deal with prolactin induced gynecomastia from growth hormone?

04:17 I have come off all pharm since April 6. BP was 125-132/65 on average during the course. Now it has escalated to 135-140/80 with no pharm and training. What could cause this and do you suggest Carditone/Cialis?

06:26 Oxymetholone might be an interesting choice for a female cycle. But only 50mg tablets are available, so taking a quarter tab. is possible. What would you recommend as a dosage?

09:04 My HGB and HCT have risen from 13g/dl and 38% to 16g/dl and 48% since starting TRT a year ago and running 2 courses with Primo and Masteron. I do run a couple miles a week and avg. 13000 steps per day. Should I be concerned? Anything else I can do to reduce those numbers?

10:53 Is MENT a decent choice for strength athletes looking for volume leverage advantages associated with Deca?

11:44 Does MENT tend to also drive up blood pressure on its own or primarily if weight gain is present?

12:07 I started 1IU GH at night, a week in and it holding a good 6lbs of water mostly in my lower stomach. Is this something that will go away as my body adjusts ? BP is good and no joint pain or numbness.

13:18 For general fitness is there any form of cardio that is “better” than others?

14:44 What do you think about “net carbs” ? If you are eating food with soluble/insoluble fiber do you count those carbs differently?

15:20 I’m a new member. I just want to say I appreciate your transparency and knowledge!

16:08 I am struggling to find pharma grade Oxandrolone and I do not feel comfortable with that. But I do have access to pharma grade Sustanon 250. I am well aware of the risks of Testosterone suppression, and so on. So I am curious what dosage you could recommend me to start off with? I weigh 90kg and the goal is hypertrophy.

17:03 In terms of training while on cruise you recommended sticking more to a strength phase, 5×5 for this phase would you increase volume or keep it steady?

18:12 How important for growth is it to track workouts for progressive overload on accessory lifts opposed to judging by acute in-the -moment fatigue? I use multiple gyms and different brands of equipment which makes equal tracking nearly impossible. Where-as squats, bench, etc. the weight is the weight…

19:33 Long time insomniac here and it is messing with gym progress. I’ve exhausted many lifestyle changes and nothing stuck. Do you have any information on how Trazodone has positively or negatively affected athletes/bodybuilders?

20:55 In what cases would you recommend using Boldenone instead of Testosterone for HRT?

22:02 If trying to avoid acne during the summer is the goal, would Clenbuterol and HGH be the best add-ons to TRT to promote additional anabolism?

23:20 Do you think there are benefits for a physique athlete using THC?

24:41 I find that generally, intermittent fasting typically goes with other (to use your word) douchebaggery such as multiple day fasts and keto/carnivore. With that said, I’ve noticed that due to my ADD meds and caffeine consumption, I don’t have much of an appetite the first 6-8 hours or so that I’m awake. I was wondering about the magnitude of potential negatives (increased catabolism/decreased anabolism) by not eating in that time period. As a side note, due to work I would be biking 2 miles and walking about 6000-8000 steps in that span of time where I haven’t eaten.

26:57 Are BPC-157 and GH synergistic in terms of tendon healing ?

27:42 Why is TB500 synergistic with insulin?

28:15 Would you think a combo of a higher estrogenic pill potentially protects against the androgenic properties of AAS while still maintaining the anabolic badassery?

29:53 Would just like to touch on the MMA discussion re Tuesdays call. The biggest separating factors of elite performance in MMA, wrestling etc are time spent training e.g. time on the mats and often some key indicators on strength/power. Totally agree with Broderick on developmental athletes chasing these targets as a main point of call. The best conditioning is being better at the sport. No dispute that during ‘fight camp’ extra cardiovascular work has merit especially for more established fighters who may not have the mileage to do so much contact work.

32:20 How can the use of strong stimulants by athletes during offseason practice have permanent changes and improvement in performance?

34:12 In a recent Q&A you mentioned alcohol consumption increases vascularity acutely. Can you explain why that happens?

35:42 Are 2 months enough for Winstrol to clear out your body for a test? What impact would diuretics have in the time of elimination?

37:00 First cycle: 500mg Test E and 50mg Anavar daily for 12 weeks. Getting into the second cycle, would 250mg Sustanon and 300mg Masteron be enough? Would Clen be a good addition?

38:51 Is stimulant use (e.g. Modafinil) makes the body “run through” certain vitamins & minerals faster, creating the possibility for certain gaps in micronutrition?

40:54 How to track body weight & how to make correlations between skinfold & body weight increase?

46:11 What pharmacology would you use to directly impact/promote motor unit recruitment?

48:45 Any truth to Tesamorelin being an effective fat burner? Make any sense to take alongside GH? I’ve had a 10mg vial for a year I never used.

49:59 Recently started monitoring HRV and am concerned with how low it is. My general fitness is pretty good – heart rate has always run pretty high but still reasonable. Are there any baseline minimums for HRV you look for? Or, is it purely individual. What measurements do you look for when assessing fitness?

53:57 In a bodybuilding contest prep scenario, do oral AAS provide anything that a similar acting injectable from the same family could not provide from just increasing the injectable dosage? Besides appetite suppression.

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