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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-16-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:00 Do you think the Olympia caliber bodybuilders would be the same size if the only anabolics they had access to were Sports TRT and Primobolan?

01:20 What if you had an MMA fighter who has just completed a 16 week course of anabolics, and expected to be in a bridge “off season” period, but unexpectedly got offered a fight on short notice. Say the fight is very important, and you had 12 weeks to prepare. Would you go through the fight camp without PED’s because of the need to recover from the last course, or would you evaluate bloodwork and see if maybe you could handle some pharmacology at least on the second half of the camp?

03:29 Is it suboptimal to use insulin during a bridge, because of the lack of a hyper anabolic environment from AAS, making negative body composition changes more likely?

05:07 Do you recommend using Clenbuterol 10 days on 4 days off for fat loss?

07:15 When having high prolactin would you add bromocriptine or cabergoline or adjust cycle?

09:02 After one has injected 1000mg of Testosterone undecanoate (Nebido), how fast would one expect the drug to „clear out” from the body completely & the testes to start producing Testosterone again?

11:54 If an endurance athlete was going to utilize Melanotan 2 for the purpose of driving hematocrit during a drug tested competition – is there a general dosing protocol you’d have in mind leading up to the competition?

14:37 How would you escalate Clenbuterol dosages?

15:27 When home brewing, would heating Nandrolone Decanoate to its melting point of 35°C then weighing the liquid out as the “raw powder” affect the final product compared to weighing the raw powder as a solid?

16:54 Can large amounts of food negatively impact liver health?

18:40 Do you have a range of hematology markers that an MMA fighter would want to reside in during a high training load camp?

22:26 What is the longest one should run Clenbuterol at 40mcg/day for anabolism purposes?

23:59 Do you think it’s possible to change the shape of a given muscle or muscle group?

27:52 For someone who needs to have the flattest stomach possible for a photo shoot what foods would you stay away from?

29:39 If the fat loss effects of Clenbuterol diminish over time, do the appetite suppressing effects diminish as well?

30:50 If GH and insulin are counter regulatory, is the regurgitated recommendation to space injections required? If not, why would a physique athlete want to introduce exogenous insulin and GH simultaneously?

34:27 I ordered some Testosterone E and Masteron E from China. Is the a way to test it other than the Roid Test kit?

35:56 How many days prior to a WADA doping test should an individual stop taking Winstrol or Anavar to get past the test 100%?

37:18 If you want to implement T4. How would you go about determining a starting dose? Do you ramp the dose like you do with Clenbuterol?

39:43 Do you think Tony Huge is a modern day Dan Duchaine?

41:25 I take 1.5IU of GH in morning pre cardio. Since I’ve started I feel bloating on my face. Can you help me to reduce that?

44:48 Putting aside the poor life choice that is Crossfit, for pure curiosity, what types of PEDs would they lean towards?

47:06 More on Nebido.

48:00 Would taking less Clenbuterol be ineffective?

49:00 If Masteron’s SERM effects allow me to keep my estrogen at what I considered optimal before my mild gynecomastia, could I safely use it long term for this purpose and not worry about typical SERM side effects like risks of blood clots?

50:38 Currently maintaining weight at those calories, will start a course for hypertrophy with your 80-120 set escalation. How would you move the calorie ingestion? Would you add background insulin to support anabolism?

53:24 Does yohimbine and ephedrine need to be cycled off of like Clenbuterol?

54:19 do you suggest Anavar for your athletes (sprinters , jumpers ) or you choose something else for similar results?

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