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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A4-13-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:25 If blood work shows low end values of thyroid T4 then what exogenous support would you recommend? I believe total natural production to be around 100mcg, so 40mcg would be about right.

03:40 I’ve started the Testosterone Enanthate + Primobolan course we designed in consult for that purpose (2weeks in out of 16weeks). How should calories be manipulated to achieve recomposition?

06:50 What is the difference between having a consistent caloric intake versus a undulating one?

08:41 Broderick mentioned that in the end of his cycles he does a small de-escalation in dosage. Why is that? Please I know the answer is “to lower the dosage duh” but I wanted to know the rationale behind it. I’d skip the first week of the TRT phase rather than lowering the dosage when I’m still looking for gains.

11:05 Any updates on the ebook?

11:33 Can you briefly describe if an SSRI would affect or interfere with any metabolic actions during a course of AAS?

12:32 Is hair loss dose or duration dependent?

13:41 I’ve previously spoken about my dad with MS and how to increase quality of life and longevity, to which you recommended testosterone for estrogen production and Masteron to help stimulate his nervous system. Considering he’s not trying to become a bodybuilder and is very active would you still recommend sports TRT dosage for him, or would you lower the dose?

15:43 What are some clues to know if your fat loss is being bottle-necked by fat liberation while fat utilization is good?

18:15 If I’m not mistaken Boldenone aromatizes at about 50 percent the rate of Testosterone so hypothetically if I were to replace my Testosterone with Boldenone I would roughly double the dose?

19:45 If someone is trying to build up aerobic endurance whilst holding onto (and ideally building) muscle, would Clenbuterol’s effect on HR negatively affect the benefits/results from this training?

21:50 Is there any reason to “come off” Metformin and also are there any negatives to coming off Metformin if access became more difficult?

25:08 When looking for fat loss, any particular % decrease from the 25-45Kcal/kg? Or is it more of starting and adjusting based on weight?

27:53 Info on UK seminars.

28:28 Any other kidney health supplement recommended other than astragalus root?

29:20 If a bodybuilder starts with Insulin and GH. Would it be more efficient to start Insulin first and after that implementing GH?

30:19 Normally side effects of a drug build up over time. Just an idea: Would taking steroids for a shorter time on and off be as efficient with less side effects?

30:33 Currently on week 4 of Nandrolone Decanoate course. I transitioned from sports TRT to 300mg Nandrolone week 1 and I have been increasing by 100mg a week so far. My first time with Nandrolone and I was expecting a large weight increase, is this common?

32:53 With people that experience digestive distress taking Metformin, have you seen anything work to help them tolerate it overtime?

35:15 Are there AAS that are particularly harsh on the kidneys (not via blood pressure)?

36:31 How detailed do you plan a diet in regards to “CoFactors” in foods?

38:50 Just a thing added to the Nandrolone guy, could it be a combo of under-dosed Nandrolone and because the Nandrolone ester is so long?

39:36 How often have you seen non-alcoholic fatty liver disease developed as a presumed consequence of AAS use?

40:22 Regarding the Metformin, It’s definitely gastric distress. Since having my gallbladder removed random things have impacted this.

41:46 How would you prepare a contest bodybuilder with impaired kidney function?

43:40 David Herrera’s new powerlifting topic on the members site is great. Is there a planned release of other videos?

44:39 Any chance of updating your members site book section with books you find interesting that are not related to AAS or training?

47:00 Are AAS directly toxic to the heart?

47:23 At my place people are very hyped about MENT. It seems to be very powerful. How would you use it for the offseason ? Is it a good replacement for Nandrolone?

48:50 Do you have weekly weight targets or just final targets for a cycle?

49:47 Favorite brand squat shoes?

50:49 The “how not to make Broderick mad” post on the Facebook group (it’s a funny joke).

52:02 I remember you mentioned the peak physique for a contest bodybuilder is at about 22mg/kg. In recent years many coaches and Pros claim that they just run 1g or less… E.g. Kevin Levrone 600 Test 400 Deca and Anadrol pre contest. Do you believe that?

54:04 Favorite deadlifting shoes?

54:21 Or I remember Chris Aceto claimed that he prepped an IFBB on 500g Testosterone per week.

56:22 What do you think about the claim that taking more Testosterone because it is less liver toxic is a good idea?

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