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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-11-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

00:53 Did you ever worked with paralympic athletes?

01:43 Thoughts on Trenbolone acetate?

02:15 How long should one wait before getting bloodwork to check hematology while using Boldenone?

03:04 Does the increase in fullness & volume caused by Testosterone come from estrogen?

05:02 How should a strength athlete train to increase the strength of existing muscle?

06:51 Is 350ng/dL of Testosterone for a 25 year old too low for muscle building?

08:00 Drugs for sports of precision & high skill?

09:56 How long should you wait to get bloodwork after administering Testosterone cypionate?

11:44 Looking to keep Testosterone & estrogen levels stable while on Boldenone.

12:29 Should I take 50mg of Anavar pre workout or split it AM & PM?

13:08 How often should an athlete increase the amount of PEDs from cycle to cycles?

15:32 Would starting a diet with an aggressive deficit be better than starting off slowly?

16:27 Is it possible to get into Olympia level conditioning without diuretics?

16:35 Do any drugs help coordination & learning?

16:39 I have bloodwork that proves that Boldenone has estrogen lowering effects. Thoughts?

18:30 Best dosage for EQ & how much Test do you need to take with it?

19:29 What are the effects of smoking & vaping on muscle building?

19:43 Is Sports TRT (3mg/kg) just Testosterone or does it include other drugs?

21:07 How would you set macros for someone with a fast metabolism?

22:30 Considering the first cycle. If I am estrogen prone, how should I implement Anastrozole in the cycle?

24:3 Is EQ & Boldenone the same thing? Does Boldenone show up in bloodwork as Testosterone?

25:59 Trying to replace the Testosterone with EQ because I aromatize too much.

26:44 Do you plan on doing a video with Tony Huge?

27:33 Do you get used to doses of PEDs?

29:15 Isn’t GVT anti progressive overload?

31:47 What are some non androgenic PEDs?

33:26 Would you expect a difference between Pfizer & generic GH?

33:41 Would 50-100mg of Deca added to TRT be enough to help with soft tissue repair? What should I do is I am prone to side effects from Deca?

36:11 What is the difference between going on AAS after 3 years of training vs. 10 years?

36:54 Do you have an opinion on Leviathan Nutrition supplements?

37:46 Are there any specific types of people you like to coach?

38:45 Are EEAs beneficial for hypertrophy or is total daily protein intake the only relevant factor?

40:47 Do you build tolerance to Cialis?

42:25 Is there any difference in the body part where I inject AAS?

44:44 Could Mike Israetel suffer severe health consequences due to pharmacology?

46:04 Would running 1 mile every day hurt leg hypertrophy?

47:00 Mike got so huge so fast.

47:22 What is the best form of cardio to minimize interference with leg hypertrophy?

49:14 Why does Cialis cause heartburn?

49:42 How often does nonalcoholic fatty liver disease happen in bodybuilders?

51:44 What structural traits should a lifter take into consideration for optimal performance?

53:48 Is a maintenance phase needed before going to fat loss from hypertrophy?

56:17 Heartburn could be a side effect from taking pills/tablets/capsules in general.

57:27 Other than dry skin are there any other side effects of Accutane?

58:09 Why do you not apply the principles of bodybuilding to yourself?

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