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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-4-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:42 Thank you for recommending the podcast on coffee!

01:57 Are 15mg of zinc per day sufficient for a 110kg athlete?

03:40 Does Dianabol impact lipids as much as Anavar?

04:33 Could BPC-157 have benefits for people suffering from Crohn’s?

05:38 Are vitamins exhausted by AAS use?

06:00 Can Metformin cause acid reflux?

06:49 Do people of Middle Eastern descent have the best genetics for bodybuilding?

08:35 Would you rather fight 1 horse sized scrolly thing or 10 duck sized scrolly things?

09:01 Would Testosterone enanthate & prednisone have any negative interactions?

10:14 Is Telmisartan a good approach to dealing with elevated BOP or is Cialis a better option?

11:40 Where would be a good place to start when it comes to using oral PEDs?

12:19 Can I learn about beginner PED use on your members site?

12:31 Do you recommend Metformin for athletes not on GH?

13:50 Why is it common to start PED use with AAS and only after the implementation of GH?

15:17 Is hemoglobin important for a physique?

16:16 Who has the better argument when it comes to training volume, Lyle or Dr. Mike?

19:08 Can injectable Clenbuterol be used for spot reduction?

19:38 Have you ever seen a hemoglobin of 14 after a cycle?

21:24 Are coaches over prioritizing recovery?

22:57 Has your insomnia gotten any better?

24:18 Has Lyle ever “schooled” you?

25:19 Broderick’s dog’s names.

26:11 More on the topic of arguing.

27:31 Can Anavar be run by itself with no “Test base”?

29:35 Have you seen things regarding AAS that are not present in the literature?

31:39 Have you ever noticed an increase in RHR with Clenbuterol use? Is it dose dependent?

32:48 How would you approach Metformin & Lantus for an offseason type 1 diabetic?

34:28 Do you think that your drug use has shortened your lifespan?

38:16 How long is it ok to have a fasting glucose of 105 for a 65kg female using MK-677 at 25mg a day & 1g of Metformin a day?

40:45 Can GH increase the amount of AAS one can utilize?

41:11 How would you approach the members site if you wanted to learn the most about anabolics?

43:18 How could one go about being coached by you?

44:22 How should one split 8IU of GH if the goal would be fat loss?

45:58 What mistakes do people usually make on their first cycle?

46:17 Why is Anavar the go-to drug for women?

47:10 Is there an upper limit of HIIT cardio sessions you’d recommend for someone, the goal is improving fitness?

48:26 What do you think about Methyl-1-testosterone for increasing strength?

49:19 Can Oxymetholone (Anadrol) be used as the backbone (HRT) of a cycle because it’s effects on estrogen?

50:49 Will you be reviewing more AAS on the members site?

51:13 Mads Drange is the author of Den store dopingbløffen (the big doping bluff).

52:17 Why do females worldwide use more DHT derivatives & not 19-nors?

54:23 Are there other anabolics (outside of Anadrol) that don’t act according to the column they belong in?

55:55 Will there be more AAS profile articles on the member’s site? (regarding the previous question on this topic)

57:55 What factor would help a 55-year-old man decide if he should start TRT?

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