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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-30-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:14 Would rapid insulin pre workout be a good tool to use to improve performance during a boxing workout? Also how do I know how much food to consume beforehand?

03:41 how would you utilize insulin for a “cheat meal”?

04:58 If an athlete we’re planning on utilizing Turinabol for the purpose of enhanced work capacity during an athletic competition – how many weeks out from the competition would you generally advise they start this?

06:37 About 2 years I’ve consistently stayed on a gram or more of total gear. Over the last year did 1.4g a week and 1.8g a week. Are there any disadvantages to hypertrophy and strength wise to continually blast? I am aware of some of the health risks. I’m 5’10” and about 237lbs today.

09:09 Have you put any thought into your hierarchy of orals regarding appetite suppression and how has your practical use and experiments with Fulvestrant been going?

10:20 How’s the new puppy getting on?

10:43 On a hormone x time graph drugs with shorter half lives would have less area under the graph. Which is more important to consider, area under the graph or total mg per week?

11:58 What should be the baseline numbers for a person planning to do his first PED course. I have seen your video Sunday School Live off season. There you explained sports TRT/HRT 2/3mg per kg. And for the AAS you took the example of a person who used 10mg per kg last time that totals up to 2mg TRT and 10mg AAS. What are your thoughts for a beginner?

14:25 Seems like Telmisartan covers multiple negative health vectors: BP, kidney protective, and potentially lipid skewing as well I have heard. Would you only recommend it if BP is consistently high, or use it prophylactically?

16:23 Is it common for an amount of scar tissue to build through regular injections in the same site?

16:35 Obvious signs of an IM infection?

19:16 Does Clenbuterol have any proximal negative or positive physique type cosmetic effects – such as water retention, fullness, textural changes, etc? Also, can it affect carbohydrate loading?

20:57 If I eat a lot of carbs before bed does that mean my growth hormone secretion will be stunted?

21:20 I train with weights 6 days a week and like to do a couple of activities such as BJJ or rock climbing. Last course I think this total workload was slightly too high. Rather than reducing the 80-120 sets I’m considering adding 5iu of R insulin following the activity session (NOT after gym workouts) to improve my recovery from them and reduce their impact on my hypertrophy training. Is this an effective idea or am I trying to dose my way through weak periodization?

23:13 If using Anadrol primarily for RBC production as opposed to hypertrophy, would it be effective to use it 3x a week at 50mg to accumulate RBC over time? I want to minimize the retention associated with Anadrol.

25:10 37 year old female, 80kg, ex hockey player suffering from osteoarthritis in both knees and subluxed patella (left worse than right), first arthroscopy in left knee 2014 and right knee 2017 both showed wearing of the bone and cartilage, current GP has prescribed 6 monthly cortisone injections which has helped reduced fluid retention and increased mobility, not currently causing pain and the individual has been performing light leg stability exercises as part of a full body training program with goals to further improve strength and confidence. What if any compounds might be useful in this situation?

29:10 Can salt intake be used as a proxy to sodium intake?

30:00 An in-depth explanation of water & sodium manipulation pre contest. Can swatting affect these manipulations?

33:35 Thank you for your service sir, very good information at a low price! – member review

35:54 Is the app available yet?

37:32 Not a question but just I wanted to say that I’m really, really looking forward to David Herrera’s videos on off-season training!

39:18 People from which sports do you tend to find are most interesting to work with to help achieve their goals?

41:16 I think you mentioned on another podcast that it might not be the best idea for enhanced individuals to have the Covid vaccine, due to how it works in the body. If so, can you explain why?

44:18 Recommended alternative to Metformin if gastric distress is too intolerable?

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