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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-28-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:17 Do you manage your insomnia with the help of any chemicals?

01:51 Favorite carb source pre workout?

02:01 Does a higher dose of GH compensate for a lower dose of anabolics?

02:50 Does RBC have any effects on the immune system?

04:40 Can the chemical alteration be mapped to obtaining certain?

07:26 Why do you experience insomnia?

08:08 Have you made videos on contest prep?

08:35 Is there a correlation between Ejectile volume?

09:25 ARBs to control BP?

09:45 Have you ever seen DHB having downward pressure on estradiol?

09:58 Is T4 taken later in the day wasted?

11:57 Does increase in oxidative stresses have a negative impact on the brain?

12:27 Modafinil is a game changer!

12:55 How would you go about fat oxidation & recomping after a prolonged period off of training?

14:15 How does Dianabol compare to Testosterone on a mg/mg basis regarding anabolism?

14:58 Would vegans benefit from consuming BCAAs to aid in MPS?

15:20 Is there a ratio between the amount of insulin produced when consuming 100g of carbs?

17:38 What do you recommend to prevent kidney stones?

17:53 Do oral birth control pills for women have any negative side effects while breastfeeding?

18:48 Where can I find your approach to contest prep?

19:40 Injectable carnitine – is it worth it?

19:55 Can you explain the relationship between Nandrolone & progesterone production?

20:06 Is Boldenone more anabolic than Masteron?

21:45 Does Testosterone reduce immune response?

21:58 How to prevent colds on cycle?

22:13 I feel anxiety with Modafinil. Could you recommend another medication to enhance cognitive function?

22:31 Any PEDs you would recommend for skill acquisition?

22:49 Is there a rule of thumb on how much Clenbuterol raises metabolic rate?

23:26 Can T4 be taken anytime during the day as long as you have fasted for several hours?

24:12 Thoughts on the COVID vaccine? Do you get the flu vaccine?

26:23 Did lifting at a young age stunt your growth?

27:07 Can Metformin be taken while breastfeeding?

28:01 What dog breeds do you like?

29:00 Can one achieve the same results eating once per day as with spreading the calories over multiple meals?

29:37 Do the effects of Sibutramine kick in immediately?

29:47 What is the idea behind GH antibodies?

30:11 What advice would you give to a bodybuilder seeking to gain muscle?

30:37 Can you explain why Nandrolone helps with joint pain & what dose could help with joint pain?

34:00 Do Louie Simmons inspire you to get pitbulls?

34:26 Which can result in more lean tissue gain a Dianabol or Winstrol only cycle?

35:22 For crossfit what 3 PEDs would increase performance the most?

36:45 Can Dianabol be used as a Testosterone base?

37:32 Will you be covering peaking for bodybuilding?

37:53 Can you describe the synergy between Anavar & Turinabol?

38:05 Are your dogs on the conjugate method?

38:43 Testosterone to Primobolan ratio for estrogen control?

40:09 What would be the best oral steroid for a 8-10 week oral only cycle for the purpose of anabolism?

41:20 Will you give AAS to your puppy?

41:32 Is estrogen anabolic?

42:00 Have seen bloodwork that shows that Primobolan has AI properties. Thoughts?

43:12 Does Diclofenac Sodium inhibit muscle growth?

43:38 How would you use caffeine to enhance training?

43:59 Is estrone more potent than other estrogens?

44:57 What are the negative effects of Clenbuterol if only used for 2 weeks at the end of a diet?

46:23 Does Turinabol convert to estrogen to any significant amount?

48:38 Thoughts on Tylenol?

51:04 Are Dianabol & Turinabol the only drugs created for sport’s performance?

52:12 Was Charley Francis ahead of his time?

52:30 If not Paracetamol, what drugs would you take for headaches?

53:14 What is the role of mannitol & sorbitol in GH preparations?

54:49 Are you using a new phone?

55:05 Thoughts on Testosterone pellets for HRT?

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