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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-26-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:57 How do Steroids cause extracellular water retention? Is it only through estrogen or are there other pathways as well?

03:50 Is it a waste of time and money to use protein and carbs shakes between the main meals (in order to achieve the desired macros)?

04:42 An unplanned and unfortunate trip came up at week 11 and 12 of my 12 week cycle, there is no possibility to work out during this time. Would you recommend finishing the course at week 10 or extending the course after the 2 week trip for 4 or so weeks?

06:23 Any difference in effectiveness in Yohimbine to Yohimbine HCL?

08:36 Could you think of any reasons, besides prolactinoma, that would give a reading of over twice the top end range of prolactin. Currently on TRT with testosterone at 14nmol.

10:12 Would you suggest Primobolan or Boldenone for a 800m runner in the offseason?

12:20 Do you prefer pharmaceutical to UGL AAS?

13:52 How would you use Clenbuterol & GH during a bridge?

14:25 What is your approach with diuretic timing to find the right balance of dryness but not flattening out muscle/ filling back out in relation to peaking?

15:08 I’m about to start my first cycle. I got Primobolan from Mexico, any advice? Should I take any estrogen blockers?

16:13 I have seen people complain of negative prostate symptoms from both too high and too low estrogen. Is there any merit to this? Such as estrogen having any protective effects on the prostate?

17:13 When donating blood will you lower levels of the drugs you’ve taken?

17:28 Do you have your athletes skip 1-2 weeks of anabolics after a cycle?

19:05 How long pre bed should one stop eating if they are seeking to maximize their response to growth hormone?

19:55 You have said that people of Indian descent respond well to 19-nors. How would I go about seeing if I am one of these guys with Deca? Start with 100mgs on top of Sports TRT and push till I get sides?

21:40 You recommend using insulin 5 on 2 off. Do you advise the same with GH?

22:52 Why do people say to max out your genetic potential before hopping on gear, is this true?

23:26 When following a 5 on 2 off GH protocol, does the natural GH pulse still function on the 2 days off?

25:37 I’ve recently been diagnosed with ADHD and been prescribed Ritalin (18mg dosages). I was thinking that I should probably reduce or eliminate my caffeine intake and not take Clenbuterol for future recomps since taking a bunch of different stimulants is probably not the best idea, but I wanted to ask for your thoughts on it?

28:23 When escalating volume in a physique athlete from 80-120 sets, do reps/load need any altering as you become stronger? Is the goal to stay at some level of effort?

29:35 For the past 4 weeks I have been unable to train my upper body due to severe tendonitis in my right wrist/thumb and have been given a brace to immobilize the affected area for another 4+ weeks. Aside from taking anti inflammatory tabs is there anything I can do to speed up the recovery process and is the GH helping in any meaningful way or would this be a point to lower the dose?

31:08 When adding sets across a training block do you add them equally to body parts each time. Or prioritize muscles that need extra work?

32:39 For a bodybuilder with average genetics (within the bodybuilding population), is it necessary to do AAS courses while in a typical “off-season” to be successful?

34:00 Would I see a big difference increasing my TRT from 200mg a week to 300mg a week?

34:46 If around 15% body fat but only 89kg/6ft is it more reasonable to prioritize muscle accrual over fat loss in the short term and let recomping happen or cut fat when metabolic rate is higher?

37:07 What’s the longest time you are aware of where someone was at a total testosterone level of 2000ng/dL or higher?

37:53 I finished my course 3 months ago and I’m on 150mg TRT for 3 months. My triglycerides and LDL are still high and my HDL is low. Would you wait for the values to be in normal ranges before starting a new course? Any thoughts of the reasons they are still high?

39:39 What would be the dose/ duration for a 1st time T4 user? Will it have a negative rebound effect and would Clen offset the muscle atrophy from it?

40:48 “Boring cycles and training are usually the most rewarding.” – David Herrera, Elite Powerlifter

41:12 They are slightly out of the range. (regarding the previous question on blood markers)

41:53 On a biological level why does volume even without going to failure promote more hypertrophy than heavy sets to failure?

42:18 How do you know what a mm target would be for a male competitive bodybuilder on stage & how would you plot the loss of mm during prep?

44:05 Would you also use HIIT cardio alongside LISS cardio to improve fitness?

44:44 If you can’t reach all 9 Parillo mm spots by yourself, which would you prioritize measuring?

45:34 Do muscle relaxers hurt hypertrophy? I’m prescribed Tizanidine for muscle spasms in my back caused by an old herniated disc injury.

46:50 How much time do I need from a blast to bring my bloodwork back to test range?

49:06 Can you accurately measure the difference between being parasympathetically vs. sympathetically overtrained?

51:32 Do you think my cholesterol and triglycerides could be elevated just because of the TRT?

53:30 The definition of “heavy”

56:00 Does Broderick style his own beard and how?

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