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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-23-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:22 Do you suggest another nootropic apart from Modafinil for cognitive enhancement and how they affect muscle hypertrophy and exercise performance?

03:08 For powerlifting how important is GH use? Also how do you determine how much GH you need to take (175kg man here)?

05:40 How often would you recommend donating blood?

06:53 What orals other than Oxandrolone would you recommend for a first course, and what dosage would you start someone off with?

08:02 How often can you donate blood without negative effects?

08:40 Do you find it important to include omega 3’s and 6’s from natural sources for optimal health markers or performance? Or is a relatively low intake in enhanced individuals sustainable due to less needs for fats?

10:43 Can NAC have a significant psychoactive effect? Some people report anxiety buffering action and mood elevation, others like me, notice that it has some strange effects, like brain frog but it may be a nocebo effect.

12:02 What is the level of concern I should have becoming long term dependent on t3 if I’m using it while cutting at a low dose (25-50mcg a day)?

13:30 First time oral Winstrol use during fat loss, start at 50mg/day? Would 6 weeks be suitable?

15:00 Biologically why does excessive volume grow muscle better than heavy weights to failure? 20 years in the gym and never in my life have had results like I had with German Volume Training.

17:48 If only training 3 days a week is it possible to take insulin only on training days?

19:22 CK levels of around 600. Could this just be in line with intense training?

20:20 My bodyweight does not change at all after the 2 off days of GH with standard 5 on 2 off protocol. Would you consider this uncommon for a 105kg male who has been using 2IU’s a night for 8 weeks?

21:17 The gym I workout is just in front of my house. I can easily do a session of weight training in the morning and another of cardio after lunch… However.. by a small difference, I prefer to just do all of it in one session.. Does it matter enough to make this small effort?

23:26 Can you generalize by where AAS compounds fall in the family tree regarding their impact to insulin sensitivity? If so, what would the general implications of each class be to insulin sensitivity?

24:45 It seems so obvious that Team USA is doping considering they share the podium with other known dopers. How has the mass psychosis that they compete clean actually caught on?

26:20 For someone that seems to aromatise very easily would you recommend staying on the lower side of Sports TRT mg/kg and using more anabolics that don’t aromatise?

27:22 Can hypoglycemia caused by insulin use be a good idea to induce sleep?

29:05 How to counteract drowsiness caused by high carb meals?

31:05 Could you use a fast acting insulin pre fasted cardio (or any cardio) to pull blood glucose to a low point without going hypo in order to use more stored fat?

32:25 Can you explain the Anavar & Turinabol synergy?

34:23 With very refined compounds such as Primobolan, is an increase in dosage always going to be more effective or is there eventually a point where you are not generating enough muscle damage to benefit from all of the protein expression?

35:14 Do you have any thoughts on nicotine in regards to athletic performance?

35:39 For an athlete looking to maintain muscle but slowly get into endurance events (marathons etc) would there be benefits beyond TRT/HRT dosages outside of simply being able to hold more tissue and recovering faster? Also what risk factors might come into play?

37:07 Would Stanozolol be a good choice for an MMA fighter looking to improve explosiveness and power, or does a compound with less weight gain like Anavar have sufficient neurological benefit to fill this role?

38:30 When looking to increase the amount of sets across a training block. Do you think it’s necessary/more beneficial to add sets on a weekly basis or bi/tri weekly?

40:05 Would donating blood the first week after starting an injectable course affect the Cmax or Tmax of the AAS proximal to the first injection?

41:54 How do you presume how risky Boldenone could be regarding high hematocrit? I mean, how do you track if it’s increasing too much or too fast? How often would you check?

44:00 What is the best time to administer GH pure anabolism?

45:55 If a hypothetical individual decides to run only one course of performance enhancing drugs, would his capacity for building muscle be significantly altered for life?

46:55 What would be the maximum amount of carbohydrates that the body can consume in an hour? To eliminate variables, let’s say dextrose/glucose taken in the isolation.

49:31 How close to failure do you think a set needs to be taken in order to drive muscle growth via mechanical tension? And in terms of volume is it these sets that you count towards muscle growth or all during a workout. I.e. Do you think of it as effective volume?

51:50 I have a home HGB tester and I’ve found it to be pretty damn effective considering cost. I’ve compared it twice to blood panels done the same morning and the results were 13.1 and 13.7 vs. 13.5 and 14.2 on the blood panels.

52:38 Would you consider hammer strength in the top tier of machines currently commercially available? If no, what other brands are top-tier?

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