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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-19-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:49 When trying to find out if the GH is good, what should we look for in the blood work and how to do it?

04:25 I’ve been running a course with Anavar and testosterone for the last 7 weeks – would it be viable to switch out the Anavar to the same weekly dose of Primobolan for the next 7-8 weeks going forward to make the course a bit more sustainable and less stressful on the liver? My AST and ALT values were 77 and 69 respectively at the moment.

06:13 Could you elaborate more on the biological systemic fatigue you often refer to in regards to extending a course of anabolics for much longer than 16 weeks? What are the actual reasons that the “wheels start to fall off the wagon”?

09:30 Would you say that using GH for years on end in a 5IU+ range, is safe ? Or would you rather go up and down between recovery/Sports TRT phase and ,,on” phases ?

11:52 What would you recommend for someone that often has high levels of haemoglobin?

12:20 What determines someone’s T/E ratio? In this study subjects got 3.5mg/kg Testosterone enanthate and 4 of 9 subjects had less than 4:1 ratio while some got even over 35.

14:23 There was a study where women took 70mg of Methyl Testosterone a week vs. 1050mg of Masteron a week, and saw 2x more hair loss in the Testosterone group. However the Masteron was orally administered… But could this suggest Masteron is not as hard on hair loss compared to Testosterone for men?

16:17 What are the symptoms to look for when it comes to “biological fatigue”?

19:04 Is Slo Niacin more beneficial than standard niacin for its positive benefits, independent of the skin flushing?

20:09 What is the difference between long & short esters of the same compound?

23:29 What compound would you round out Sports TRT with for a very lean individual that wants to bring out some grainy vascular texture while minimizing acne as much as possible?

24:58 In my last course I included Nandrolone for the first time – no previous 19nor usage. By weeks 12/13 I was noticing a feeling of overall apathy toward training, eating, etc & some tiredness & lethargy. Are these symptoms frequently reported with Nandrolone – or could it possibly just be overall system fatigue setting in?

28:51 Do you have any tips on healing patellar tendonitis?

31:09 When body recomposition is the goal, what key metrics do you look at to ensure you’re on the right track, aside from looking in the mirror? Should scale weight stay relatively stable?

34:19 How would you dose 4 IUs of GH when the goal is fat loss? 4 IUs first thing in the morning before fasted cardio? Or 2 IUs first thing in the morning before cardio and 2 IUs before workout?

35:22 If running Clenbuterol at a non abusive dose, starting at 20mcg escalating to 60mcg, and having no side effects does that necessarily mean there are also no or limited positive effects?

36:42 Is it true that if you have used a higher dose of AAS, that you won’t respond as well to a lower dose as you would have if you had never been exposed to the higher dose?

38:42 Hypothetical question and example: Could higher doses of AAS early on in the career limit progress further down the line for a bodybuilder?

40:48 In general, what is the hierarchy of oral AAS on appetite suppression, from most to least?

41:40 For physique athletes are there times when you would recommend lower volume training?

43:45 Regarding the previous question on GH timing, are the vast majority of orthopedic benefits lost if one uses the totality of their GH dose first thing in the morning?

44:40 Does Trenbolone on low dose change someone’s behavior?

45:36 I have 4 days a week where I do weight training in the AM and then MMA training in the PM. Would you sign off on the use of 5 IU of rapid insulin after each training session, working up to a max of 10IU? Looking to increase recovery to perform optimally during each session. I know you generally use R insulin however my MMA training often runs pretty late into the evening.

48:41 Would the appetite suppression be linked to liver toxicity? So the oral that is most aggressive on the liver would suppress appetite the most?

50:21 Is 2IU of GH at night 5x a week enough for any appreciable orthopedic benefit?

51:03 If one tolerates Tren very well would you opt to use it for a longer time? Or would you try and limit exposure to that compound?

53:15 Does 3mg/kg Testosterone vs 3mg/kg Test & Masteron have any differences regarding psychology?

54:34 In the second half of your basic offseason (volume escalating, AAS steady, kcal steady) and recomp isn’t happening as sharply as we want. What levers would you pull in what order to drive recomp?

56:22 Since Oxandrolone has a half life of 4-6 hours, how far apart should I administer the drug? Every 4-6 hours, or differently?

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