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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-16-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:02 What are the differences in PED use between an MMA on-season vs. offseason?

04:45 If health markers are in a good place, would you recommend extending cycles over 16 weeks?

06:25 Would you ever consider halo for cutting?

07:03 You’re the drug guy…. but do you know any good natural compounds to lose water weight?

08:26 In your experience, can Boldenone over Testosterone be a good choice for a male physique athlete looking for more total mg? Can’t use 19-Nors and already have a DHT in the background (for a hypertrophy phase).

09:52 is it okay to take my Metformin and GH on an empty stomach first thing in the morning before morning cardio? Just wondering about the interactions of both of them plus even a little insulin all in play together at once.

11:50 If someone aromatizes heavily from Testosterone, should we expect Nandrolone, Boldenone, and Dianabol to aromatize at the relatively same elevated rate?

13:27 In an athletics context, what are some reasons you would choose Anavar over Turinabol and vice versa?

16:17 Are calories as important in a contractile force phase as it is in the hypertrophy phase? Or is it not as necessary to gain contractile force while being in a caloric deficit?

18:36 Other than cost when it comes to anabolic steroids, Is there any reason for a non competitor to take anything other than an adequate but reasonable dosage of an aromatizing compound and Primobolan for the goal of muscle growth? Is one “missing out” on any level of anabolism by never using 19-Nors/orals?

19:57 In your experience with clients, does elevated RBC return to base line 6-8 weeks after a course, or does donating blood become mandatory for most people?

22:40 What would be the difference between a Sports TRT of 300mg Testosterone compared to a Sports HRT of 150mg Testosterone and 150mg of Masteron?

24:07 If becoming a champion is the ultimate goal, would you have an MMA fighter stay above 3mg/kg (say 4-8mg/kg) for as long as health markers allow?

25:40 Not as necessary since the adaptations are mostly neurological. You will still adapt better with a slight surplus than a slight deficit. – Lyle McDonald (regarding the previous question on the relevance of calories on force production)

26:35 To maximize benefits of donating blood, would altering hydration prior or stopping aspirin prior make a difference?

27:10 The MMA question was 4-8mg/kg of total anabolics including sports TRT, not necessarily filling all the mg with Testosterone.

28:40 You mentioned it’s a relatively simple process to produce testosterone from animal cholesterol, should a competent chemical engineering graduate have enough knowledge to perform this?

29:25 Do you know of any cases of withdrawal symptoms of Sibutramine?

30:53 Do the anabolic effects of Clenbuterol diminish at the same rate as the fat loss effects?

33:57 What dose of Modafinil have you found to be suitable for long term use & what was the highest dose you’ve seen being used for short periods of time?

35:50 Is it true that being on a legit medical TRT dose will cause more water retention then being natural with the same testosterone levels?

37:39 For someone that it’s working in shifts administration of HGH it will be still in the pm even if you would be awake all night and sleep in the morning after 10 hours past administration? How much can working in shifts can drag you down from building muscle? How much impact will it have?

39:05 What effect do chronic elevated levels of TSH have?

39:55 Does Turinabol have a full effect on the energy systems the same day as the first dose?

41:48 Before anabolics THS was 2.84 and after anabolics it was 5.9. Should I take T4 before a thyroid test?

44:21 USADA testing is for specific drugs, the Epitestosterone : Testosterone ratio, and potentially a carbon isotope test. Would having an esterified version of animal cholesterol derived Testosterone affect an athlete’s ability to pass testing?

45:51 Having watched your healing peptides video with nexus performance I implemented the recommended dosage BPC-157 and TB-500 in unison with GH and insulin, however, I mistakenly ran BPC for 10 weeks instead of 4 weeks. What positive or negative impact could this have done?

47:10 Besides Anadrol, are there any other DHT derivatives to watch out for if trying to avoid elevated RBCs? Have you heard of or seen DHB causing this?

48:20 My doctor has offered to prescribe me oral azithromycin (antibiotic) for acne. In your experience, have you seen athletes be heavily affected by antibiotics? I’m a bodybuilding competitor; in general how much will this affect my goals?

49:45 I hope you enjoy your time in Florida, I’ve gotten immense value from your website.

50:57 Is there anywhere on the website that shows the AAS in the categories, centre column, 19-nor etc.?

52:28 Would you consider Primobolan, Masteron & Anavar equivalent in terms of anabolism?

53:40 Assuming you’re able to manage the estrogen impacts, what is the highest dose Masteron can be run at?

54:34 Going in for surgery to remove a cyst from behind my nipple. Doc knows I’m on TRTA and gh and said to keep running them. Should I take insulin while recovering? When I reintroduce it should I start at a lower dose & escalate?

56:54 which coffee machine would you recommend? I drink about 3-4 cups over the day, and would prefer the machine to do the grinding etc. There are a lot of machines on the market, feeling overwhelmed as a coffee newbie.

57:45 Are Anavar and Winstrol quite similar when it comes to net protein expression?

58:28 Regarding the insulin question, are there any negative effects in running insulin up to the surgery?

59:35 Are you visiting Dave Palumbo while in Florida?

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