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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-12-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:33 You’ve mentioned a few times Accutane is far worse for you than AAS. What are the major consequences of Accutane?

02:40 Do 19-nor derivatives increase igf-1 levels more than drugs from other two groups or is the effect similar across all AAS?

06:10 Are elevated prolactin levels during cycle on 19-nor derivatives an effect of increased estradiol from their aromatization, or are there other mechanisms by which Nandolone influences it?

07:29 I heard a famous testosterone replacement therapy Doctor say in a YouTube video that Winstrol will cut your HDL in half in about three days at about 50mg a day. I know personally my HDL does not drop that fast on other orals. In your years of viewing athletes’ blood work have you ever noticed Winstrol do this?

08:31 Will higher anabolic loads negatively affect cardiovascular capacity, or “overload” the nervous system for long distance running?

10:16 How important is tracking linear progression and “sticking to the plan” on accessory exercises as sometimes with using different gyms or equipment availability it isn’t possible. Shouldn’t an experienced lifter be able to judge by a level of pump or acute fatigue?

13:15 Is there a synergy to use Yohimbine HCL and Clenbuterol together since Yohimbine works on the alpha receptor and Clen on the beta receptor? Or is that a little too dangerous?

14:16 Would you recommend keeping medical TRT into old age i.e. 75+ years to reduce some physical degradation or does piercing the skin would ultimately do more harm than good?

16:28 Does Tren reduce cardio fitness and endurance for everyone or is it more person dependent in your experience?

17:42 At what mg/kg dose are oral anabolics generally used for real athletes? Assuming also using 3mg/kg Sports TRT

18:48 Do you have any post it note guides for physique athletes and sodium and potassium levels?

19:25 Recently with Daniel Pekic you mentioned testosterone being able to increase pain tolerance. Any idea on how strong of an effect is this? Would other anabolic compounds also provide this effect?

21:35 is Masteron’s anti-estrogenic effects applicable to only center column Testosterone compounds or can it apply to 19-Nors?

22:35 Does pt-141 have the same effect on H&H as MT2?

23:08 What do you think of MENT as a TRT alternative, or to support E2 conversion?

23:30 If Tren reduces cardio fitness and endurance, what drugs can we use to improve fitness and endurance and get more cardio gains over time?

26:48 Do you believe there are Health risks , short term and or long term in reducing or eliminating DHT from the system?

27:02 Is using higher doses of Mssteron say 8mg per kg, which would be necessary to increase Testosterone dosage from 2mg per kg to make up for the anti estrogenic effects of the Masteron?

27:57 If someone naturally makes 100mcg of T4 daily, then adds in 50mcg of exogenous T4, would your body utilize 50mcg and create the other 50, or would it completely shut down T4 production similar to AAS and HPTA shutdown?

31:18 Do you recommend having a training partner? Do you personally have one? What are the pros and cons?

33:16 Does keeping AAS vials in the fridge prolong their expiration date?

34:15 Does Meldonium impact erections similarly to Cialis due to Nitrous Oxide upregulation?

34:47 Is it common for Anavar or similar orals to cause headaches?

35:57 Going into evolutionary biology, I’ve had this discussion several times, regarding eugenics. What’s your opinion?

39:22 If the only Metformin tablets you had access to were 1000mg extended release tablets how would you do them for a 60kg female physique competitor?

40:35 Does the androgenicity of an AAS change its propensity to hypertrophy or strengthen what might be considered “androgenic muscles” like the jaw and neck?

41:52 So does T4 conversion to T3 and rT3 reduce at the latter end of a physique prep?

42:40 I’m trying to work out my cardio programming for my BJJ fitness. I currently train BJJ 4x a week (8 hours total) and want to add 1-2 cardio sessions of 40 minutes of the row machine. Would 1-2 sessions of direct cardio be too little to make a decent difference or would the cardio work from BJJ training itself make up for the lack of direct cardio work?

45:38 In males, if one accrued a small amount of breast tissue, does your sensitivity to gynecomastia change to a different level of estrogen than what previously activated it?

46:55 Once a vial of oil based anabolics has been pierced, approximately how long would you suspect that product to remain sterile and effective? This is assuming it is kept away from sunlight & temperature controlled.

48:26 The synergy between GH & insulin.

49:28 Need surgery for a cyst that was first believed to be gyno.

50:10 In what situation would you prescribe a bodybuilder high intensity interval cardio over low intensity steady state cardio?

52:21 How do you handle training partners having different volume needs for a workout, for example if you have to do 8 sets of quads and your partner only needs 5?

54:22 If you ever release EvilGSP coffee, any chance it will be spiked with Primobolan acetate?

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