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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-9-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:27 What is your experience with IGF-1 LR3 in athletes? My main concern is about intestine growth. How worried I should be about this?

05:46 What’s your stance on the ongoing Lyle vs. Israetel debate re rep speed when approaching failure? Is it ‘plausible’ to hit near- and/or failure without rep speed decreasing whatsoever?

08:04 Would Turinibol generally be something you would advise an athlete take during an non tested endurance based competition in the sport of CrossFit? This is assuming work capacity is the priority for the individual.

08:55 How is it possible that I’m not gaining weight and maintaining a great deal of leanness while being in an obvious surplus?

11:30 Are there any concerns in taking MT2 (200mcg/week) & Metformin (500mg/day) regarding insulin sensitivity?

13:04 What implications does PED have on future offspring? Assuming conception is not a problem. Does conceiving (from the father’s perspective) when on PEDs have negative effects on the baby?

14:16 Do orals have diminishing returns in terms of anabolism compared to injectables?

15:40 For a combat athlete with a high sport specific workload, what weight training split would you recommend if looking to add hypertrophy to move up a weight class? Recovery being the main concern.

17:37 Would an offseason powerlifter progress volume from week to week in a course similar to a physique competitor (i.e. 80-120 sets) or would there be some other progression taking place?

19:05 Lyle McDonald expresses his point of view on the “training to failure” debate with Dr. Mike Israetel “There is no debate. That’s it. Every piece of research shows this. Every video I’ve shown shows this. Go test it yourself and you’ll experience it. Try to do rep after rep and see what happens. You’ll find no exceptions. Ok, maybe the odd bizarre neurological effect. But the way task failure is defined, speed of movement must drop as force requirements and force production becomes closer and the movement becomes isometric (zero velocity).nThe only failure in Mike’s videos is Mike’s failure to train hard. And his failure to debate me with actual facts instead of bullshit. Muscular failure does not simply occur without a drop in rep speed. It cannot occur by the very definition of task failure. Or literally go watch any sporting event. What happens as the body is incapable of generating sufficient force to match requirements? MOvement speed slows. Weight room movements do not magically exempt themselves from fundamental physiology. /end”

20:59 Is there any way to avoid tightness during a course of anabolics? Winstrol in particular tends to cause tightness and pumps that interfere with my BJJ training but the performance benefits make me want to stick with the compound.

22:43 In your opinion what’s the best exercise to get a full chest?

24:15 Not a question, but an observation. you seemed to be drawing a lot of attention in the fitness community after your interview with Foaud, despite all the facts you’ve laid out people still believe you need higher Testosterone doses to grow.

25:40 Is there an argument to be made that Clenbuterol due to its anti-catabolic properties would be more effective to not use a two on two off approach during a cut? Since holding on to muscle mass is half the battle of a cut. If you are losing muscle mass during the two weeks off isn’t that counterproductive?

28:15 Cold you talk a bit about TRT/Sports TRT?

29:23 If looking to heal a chronic injury should I go down to TRT if in the middle of a course?

30:16 Do you typically see a notably lesser response to exogenous GH with younger athletes in their early 20’s years compared to someone in their 30’s?

30:40 32 year old 92kg male. Between cycles and taking no drugs – my blood pressure is roughly 120/70 and pulse around 70 (average over previous 4 months) I use a cheap blood pressure monitor ($30) and occasionally but not always it gives me an irregular heart beat symbol – is this something to be concerned about? Is improving my cardio fitness an effective way to fix this if there is a concern?

33:23 Would you be able to quantify the anti-catabolic potential of Clenbuterol?

35:35 If a bodybuilder where to go to a doctor to get bloodwork for the first time, what should we ask for?

36:45 Favorite drug of choice?

37:36 If joint pain relief was a priority, would Nandrolone be a suitable candidate to replace testosterone as Sports TRT? Assuming 300mg / week was administered, what would I be missing out on compared to using testosterone, and what bloodwork warning signs / side effects would you keep an eye on?

39:58 Could you briefly outline a general approach to peak week for a physique contest?

40:25 Can medical or Sports TRT help relieve herniated disc symptoms and help it heal faster?

41:10 You’re a self confessed insomniac! Do you attempt to use chemicals for support?

42:00 I was wondering when setting a limit to dosages, do you always stick to a hard maximum limit or do you take blood work into account? Some guys say that their blood work looks the same at 250mg of Test and 500mg of Test, in those cases, do you still use the hard limit of 2-3mg/kg.

44:19 Speaking of sleep, is there any compound that will enhance the quality of sleep? So if one sleeps 4-5h per night, those hours would be of a sufficient quality to restore the person?

45:30 What are some of the subjects that you would like to approach on Sunday School in the future?

47:25 I will eventually have to get a gynecomastia surgery. How would you plan out the weeks/months before the surgery, to get to training with weights (and wrestling) as soon as possible? What would you recommend after the surgery?

50:27 When looking at a metabolic panel, do you pay more attention to albumin or total protein? Or is it basically giving you the same interpretation?

51:27 I’ve noticed a number of users state that Boldenone gives their complexion a slight tan. Is it possible that Boldenone stimulates the MC1 receptor (similar to MT-2)?

53:06 Should Meldonium be taken every day or only on training days?

53:25 When I used Trenbolone my skin seemed to benefit from it a lot, in regards to looking healthy and clear. Is there an evident reason this occurred and should I expect similar benefits from Nandrolone?

57:32 When would you recommend Trenbolone use?

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