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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-7-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:47 Would you drop Testosterone completely if you add Dianabol to a cycle? At what rate does Dianabol aromatize compared to Testosterone?

03:50 At what time of the day should you take GH?

05:25 If adding Anavar to Sports TRT, how long could you run this cycle?

07:30 At what point should you add Turinabol as an addition to an Anavar cycle?

08:36 Does taking 3mg/kg of caffeine per day cause health problems?

09:51 Opinion on “blast & cruise”?

10:14 Do you think strength athletes should reach a certain number of competitions before starting PEDs?

11:00 Could you elaborate on the pathway which chromium works on insulin sensitivity?

13:23 Can NPP be replaced by Dianabol for volumizing purposes?

14:54 Are GHRPs worth the money compared to GH & which variety would you use?

17:20 How do endurance athletes take so much Testosterone without significant estrogenic side effects & weight gain?

09:14 Do you believe in neurological toxicity?

20:02 Could insulin be used just periodically to drive additional recovery & motor learning?

20:24 Best way to control estrogen during a cycle?

20:45 More on the “Sticky-Note Rule” on dose & duration for orals.

21:21 Can Clenbuterol be addictive due to its relationship to dopamine?

22:06 What would you recommend to continue fat loss after a fat loss plateau?

21:14 How does volume fit into the calorie-dosage escalation graph?

25:45 Thoughts on using orals sublingually?

26:17 Dosing for chromium, if not having supplemented with it before?

27:40 Out of the various carbohydrate powders, which do you find most useful for meal replacement share or a post workout shake for the purpose of getting in more carbs with less food volume?

29:49 When would you introduce GH into an athlete’s protocol when the purpose is maximum muscle growth?

31:36 Are there any considerations regarding the time of day at which to take Meldonium?

31:52 Does Deca actually help lubricate joints?

35:25 Does the act of regular sauna use have a positive effect on acne?

37:42 Does it make sense to add Primobolan & Materon to a TRT dose, or would it be better to add just one of the two?

38:48 Are there any diabetic drugs as effective as Metformin?

39:28 Is there any literature on your “mg/kg rules”?

40:17 Do you know Greg Doucette personally?

40:25 Would it be better to do 8 weeks straight of Oxandrolone during a 15 week Testosterone cycle or do 4 weeks at the beginning & 4 at the end?

41:57 Would a Test only cycle be ideal for a first cycle?

42:11 Is the grapefruit trick with oral anabolics useful?

42:23 Would you raise Testosterone to compensate for the downward pressure on estrogen generated by an escalating dose of Masteron?

44:17 Can you explain “you can only go up one floor at a time” regarding your “anabolic elevator” analogy?

46:27 How to book a consult with Broderick?

46:59 Which would result in the most lean mass gain out of Boldenone, Masteron & Trenbolone?

48:11 Does Ipamorelin have an effect on appetite?

48:00 Would you ever use Boldenone instead of Testosterone as the “base” of a cycle?

49:47 Due to it behaving like a 19-nor compound, does Anadrol have any beneficial effects on joint resilience?

50:31 Can gyno be reversed?

52:33 How did you come up with the mg/kg rule if there is no literature on it?

54:13 What do you do if you don’t feel tired & can’t sleep?

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