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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-5-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:30 31 Year old powerlifter, 122kg bodyweight, current total cholesterol is 300. However, Triglycerides and HDL are normal. Is it a bad idea for him to add in a Sports Dose of Testosterone as it may further drive up his cholesterol?

03:52 Does testosterone transdermal (gel, patch, etc) increase local hair growth in females?

04:22 Is olive oil healthier than canola oil and does using oil to fry food rather than pouring it over the food make the oil less healthy?

06:10 How would a PED course for a competitive eater look like?

08:13 Any advice on injection pain?

08:39 Boldenone for competitive eating?

09:42 If one person runs 2IU of GH year round with very few pauses (contest prep proximity for example) for many years, can this cause any detrimental health issues like tumor growth or cancer?

11:03 Can you talk about injection frequency & microdosing?

12:18 I remember you mentioned on a podcast with David Herrera that 10,000kg in one lift per week has a ton of volume so maybe that would be the absolute ceiling where you’d end the meso?

13:45 Any PEDs to strengthen an athlete’s shins (bone density)?

15:51 I know you recommend an escalation from 80-120 sets/wk over time during a course for hypertrophy for a physique athlete, for example. Is there any sort of recommendation you might make for an offseason powerlifter with a similar goal of tissue accrual/weight gain?

18:36 Do you recommend de escalating doses at the end of a cycle?

22:41 Do you like the idea of twice daily training for physique athletes?

24:16 To increase insulin sensitivity, would chromium, Metformin & cardio be a good start?

24:50 What would be the best time off of Clenbuterol for fat loss?

28:01 Would improving insulin sensitivity kickstart progress for someone that is a poor responder to AAS?

29:19 Does ephedrine help to burn fat while eating clean, weight training and doing cardio?

30:10 Why do you recommend vitamin C supplements?

32:36 If someone’s acne while on TRT was caused by high E2, would dropping the Testosterone dose and adding in a small amount of Masteron actually reduce acne?

33:29 Curious why it’s mentioned to only run insulin 5 days a week, is it partly because in general on the weekends we’re not training and creating that behavioral environment to make the most out of it?

35:00 Does estrogen play a role in fat metabolism & fat distribution?

38:16 Is garlic a good supplement for blood pressure control & optimal lipid profiles?

39:13 Is there a reason to split Lantus into 2 doses when working up to 20IU/day?

40:02 Does Nandrolone share any of the negative mental side effects that are notorious with Trenbolone since it is also a 19-nor derivative? If so, how common is that problem in practical applications?

42:45 What are some of the things that Fred Hatfield and Tom Platz said in the past that turned out to be wrong?

46:10 There is a sample cycle in Llewellyn’s book that is 8-weeks of Masteron/Primobolan and is labeled as a “lean mass/cutting” cycle. How would the expected results of this compare to an 8-week Oxandrolone/Turinabol cycle in terms of actually building lean muscle?

50:07 Can Sports TRT preserve the majority of muscle in an aggressive caloric deficit?

50:58 If gear keeps recrystallizing after it’s been reheated could heating it longer help?

52:00 Why are American athletes not caught as much for doping?

53:53 Are there any racial particularities regarding AAS for people of Mediterranean descent (Greece, Italy, Spain)?

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