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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-2-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:33 In week 10 of my last course my CRP was 7 mg/L. After 4 weeks on sports TRT (250mg test) my CRP is 13.7 mg/L. Is this a concern? I’m 91kg, 15% body fat & 47 years old powerlifter.

04:30 Could you explain why doing 5×5 focusing on strength during a bridge is a good idea?

06:47 37 year old, 115kg Caucasian male, 3000 cal diet, have previously worked up to 2 x 15 IU R insulin doses with lunch and pre-workout (4 hours later), wanted to explore Lantus and wondered what indicators to use when trying to dial in dosage? Previously I’ve pushed R to the point of feeling a bit “squirrely” and then backed off from there.

09:38 Could more Members add their logs to the site, like Mircea?

10:35 Would cholesterol be used to produce more cortisol in an androgen using male?

12:06 I read that the “safe” upper limit is set at roughly 500ug iodine a day, and that at >500ug there might be a slight suppression of the thyroid hormones. Is this true? What is the “safe” upper limit of iodine for iodine deficient general population?

15:40 Seems consistently that when I take Clenbuterol, my basal HR goes from ~75bpm to ~82bpm. Is a 7bpm increase expected?

16:30 If someone has worked up to 35IU of Lantus without unwanted side effects, would you continue to chip that up?

18:46 Would you sign off on an MMA athlete using 25mg Anadrol daily alongside sports TRT to drive RBC during off season training?

21:55 Would a compound that drives RBC such as Anadrol be particularly useful if recomposition is the goal, since production of RBCs is energy intensive?

23:55 Do you ever find that some people are non responses to certain anabolics, but not anabolics as a whole?

26:28 What would be an upper cap for liver values?

29:45 Any thoughts on Triptorelin?

30:30 When one is using Clenbuterol, I believe the heart rate and other side effects have the tendency to increase as soon as the drug is introduced…and soon they start to diminish due to accommodation to the drug. Is that correct? I’m asking because it’s the third time I’m using Clenbuterol and every time the side effects seem to go the opposite way! I have minimal side effects on a given dosage and they start to increase within the same dosage. Could you help to understand what’s going on?

33:00 What dosage of MT2 would you recommend for a 88kg 400m sprinter?

35:25 Does Meldonium have an estrogen lowering effect?

35:48 What is the best timing for GH & insulin? What about Increlex before training?

37:18 In which scenario would Primobolan be most useful?

39:50 Is taking a tablet of Anavar/Winstrol as negative to health as drinking 10 beers?

40:15 Is there any difference to hypertrophy between training in the early AM or later in the day?

43:35 Can you elaborate on the synergy between Anavar & Turinabol?

48:13 Can certain compounds give a flat look to the physique (i.e. Masteron & Trenbolone)?

50:24 How does one handle random drug testing (e.g. USADA)?

52:19 Would Salbutamol be an alternative to Clen if it’s stacked with Caffeine?

52:40 Could you break the physiological benefits of taking Anavar for women? What should women be expecting from taking Anavar? What should we be measuring to make sure it’s working?

53:59 Is there a big difference in taking your minerals in the AM instead of at night?

55:41 If one is looking for an alternative to Drostanolone due to issues with acne, what AAS would you propose if the goal is muscle hypertrophy? Methenolone is too low in mg/ml and Nandrolone causes too much water retention. Would DHB be worth trying?

57:30 Are there any generalized rules regarding how much Boldenone converts to DHB naturally in the body?

58:30 Would there be any particular concerns with utilizing DHB with testosterone for sports TRT?

58:56 Does your off-cycle TRT dose affect how much muscle you can hold and is there a huge difference between 200-150mg/week?

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