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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-2-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:24 Does PCT raise natural Testosterone?

02:17 Can GH cause heart palpitations?

03:42 Does coffee consumption affect the absorption of vitamins & minerals if consumed at the same time?

04:33 Is taking PCT as a natural…

06:17 Proviron vs. Masteron

06:30 Thoughts on running HCG constantly?

07:08 How do you know you are insulin resistant & how would you handle the problem?

10:00 Is it prudent for an older lifter to implement GH sooner than a younger user to improve muscular longevity?

11:31 Chest x-rays show “patches” that would be caused by COVID, but I tested negative for COVID. How could this happen?

13:05 Is the time of day impactful for vitamin D supplementation?

14:25 What would a natural lifter look for in bloodwork?

14:41 Do you also work with recreational lifters?

15:52 Is there a difference in quality of gear between pharma, UGL or compounding pharmacy?

19:26 Deca as a first cycle?

21:31 Thoughts on the ketogenic diet as a bodybuilding diet?

23:47 How can asymptomatic COVID damage the lungs?

24:39 Are lipids something you are concerned with you athletes when using orals?

25:18 Is Clenbuterol a good tool to accelerate fat loss or to eat more during a diet?

26:16 Do you think a 2:1 ratio of Testosterone to Masteron is a viable option?

27:24 Is it possible to drive up anabolism by increasing GH while using only TRT?

28:39 In the Sticky Notes Sports Nutrition eBook, do the sodium & potassium recommendations include all sources?

29:11 What size do you wear your TeamEvilGSP t-shirts?

29:50 What carrier oil do you recommend for home brewing?

31:30 Can scarring on the lungs be reversed?

32:38 Why does my fasted blood glucose keep going up?

35:45 Have you spoken to Andrew Triana lately?

36:40 Are liquid calories & solid calories retained or digested differently?

37:51 What is your opinion on Chad Nichols?

39:21 Are there any peptides that kill fat cells?

39:37 What are your favorite methods of brewing coffee?

41:10 Are there any peptides that kill fat cells? (continued)

41:54 Female on Nandrolone. Depression, anxiety, etc. hit. Why is that?

45:08 Did you ever train at The Training Center?

45:49 Could the amount of heat impact the antioxidants in a coffee?

47:20 Could you get the same results from 1g of Primobolan as from 500mg of Primobolan + 500mg of Masteron?

48:48 What values of insulin are acceptable?

49:20 Does your favorite coffee come from Brazil?

50:40 How does Tesamorelin attach abdominal fat?

51:18 What is the easiest & most predictable diuretic & hoe can one measure it’s effects?

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