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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-28-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:15 Would you plan deloads? What is your approach?

03:35 What is better for hypothyroid, T3 or T4?

04:35 Top 5 veggies for bodybuilders?

05:25 Is Ipamorelin a better GH secretagogue than MK677?

06:55 When would you use Trenbolone vs. Halotestin or Anadrol for cosmetic purposes at the end of a contest prep?

08:44 Why do you think AAS users have more daughters?

10:57 Is there a difference between Amoxicillin for humans & for animals?

11:42 What would be the best approach for a cycle for a strength athlete wanting to fill in his class in the offseason?

12:45 Can you lower the volume & run a mesocycle longer?

13:03 Can T4 produce significant anabolism in a non AAS user?

14:35 Would a peptide & 10mg of DHB help someone with diabetes & a lot of visceral fat?

16:14 How to lower SHBG as a “natty”?

16:36 Does T-Bol aromatize?

18:49 Can DNP cause eye related diseases?

19:05 Do diet sodas cause cancer?

20:06 Have your thoughts on Lantus changed? Do you implement it more as of late?

21:30 What is the average time for the liver to recover (have been using Accutane)?

23:03 How would you implement Lantus?

23:25 Broderick does not handle hyper specific questions!

24:16 100kg athlete, 300mg of Testosterone enanthate, 800mg of Primobolan enanthate, 400mg of NPP to fill out?

26:10 Can Accutane cause more muscle tears than normal?

26:55 Could you run Boldenone as HRT?

28:35 Is there a synergy between ARBs & ACE inhibitors?

29:58 How does injection location affect drug absorption? Is there a major difference?

30:50 Will hair lost during a cycle ever come back?

31:00 Is Viagra suppressive of the HPTA axis?

32:35 Is there a synergy between Winstrol & Anadrol?

32:56 Is it possible for someone to burn through muscle & liver glycogen in one workout?

33:35 I had high CPK levels in a blood test, I’m natural & the value was 2x the reference range. Should I be concerned?

34:39 Would the cardiovascular impacts be the same between doing HIT & LISS cardio?

35:11 I’ve heard that Lantus increases IGF1 levels more than other insulins?

36:20 Why do people get numbness & hand swelling from GH?

38:48 Sunday School Live – Analytics

40:03 Can one use a short cycle of Dianabol to assess estrogen tolerance?

40:44 Thoughts on Lyle’s Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF)?

42:10 Is Trestolone a feasible replacement for Testosterone?

43:53 Best vegetable choices for bodybuilding?

45:16 Palumbo is bitching.

46:42 Does it make a difference injecting GH sub-q vs. IM?

47:10 Since weightlifting is essentially HIIT, would you agree that if someone wants to improve CV health, HIIT would be better than LISS?

48:37 For nattys…

49:04 Does Boldenone aromatize to E2 or a similar hormone? Would it be recognized on a blood test & would it have similar effects?

49:53 How to counter the water retention of Testosterone?

51:17 Would you debate Dave Palumbo?

52:59 If you inject GH first thing in the morning, do you need to wait a certain period of time before eating?

53:57 Does keeping body fat percentage too low, do you lose sexual drive/function?

54:50 Should you still do cardio during a muscle gaining phase if I do a certain number of steps per day?

56:20 How can you hire Broderick for individual coaching?

56:50 How long can one stay at .5g/kg of body weight of fat intake before it affects hormones?

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