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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-21-21

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01:48 Is Winstrol a relatively safe option for women?

02:38 How’s it going with coffee branding?

03:42 Is Superdrol a safe option for women? Trying to help my mother with osteoporosis.

04:37 What is the difference between glutamine & glutamic acid?

06:27 What is the best contraceptive that does not interfere with muscle growth?

08:27 How much do 2IU of GH raise blood values & is there an equivalence to Testosterone?

09:36 What is MSG?

10:15 Is exogenous GH less effective after eating?

11:15 Will water retention caused by GH subside with time?

12:00 Less effective than taking it in a fasted environment? (continuing on the previous GH question)

12:42 Does BPC-157 really help heal injuries?

13:33 What could be the reason behind an increase in hunger after adding in Anavar?

16:03 Would training forearms be beneficial, neutral or detrimental if having bicep tendon pain at the elbow?

17:40 What about GH timing?

19:32 Would you elevate Testosterone dosage during a contest prep?

20:56 Is HMG a good substitute for HCG?

21:42 Would Drostanolone be a better option for women than Nandrolone?

22:22 Does HGH raise blood values/RBC?

22:32 Best dose to raise IGF1?

23:40 Is the leucine threshold negated by the use of AAS?

25:10 Have you used Lantus with a fast acting insulin peri workout with your athletes?

26:06 What is your opinion on “Roid Test”?

27:58 Opinion on cryptocurrency?

28:57 How long can I take off lifting before losing muscle?

29:18 Do you think that gyms will return to normal?

31:00 What drugs besides Tren do you think are good for strength gains?

32:15 What drugs are best for GH driven elevated blood pressure?

33:09 Can you prove that leucine is not the most important amino acid?

35:08 Would you add an intra-workout drink if using pre workout insulin?

36:02 Have you ever trained a triathlon/ironman athlete?

36:31 What are your recommendations for tanning beds (for D3 production)?

37:10 I’ve been using a glucose monitor. Why are there shifts in blood glucose levels during the day?

38:08 More on leucine.

39:11 Do you find T4 to cause night sweats? What are your recommendations for a starting dose?

40:00 Even more on leucine.

42:10 Do you prefer Anavar or Stanozolol for athletes going on stage? Can you outline the differences?

44:50 Which compound should be best for increased endurance & recovery (for combat sports)?

46:18 Would 6 weeks of 5mg/kg of Nandrolone decanoate be enough to build muscle?

47:15 Thoughts on SARMs?

47:35 Is there a synergy between Turinabol & Winstrol?

48:00 Is there any equivalence of mcg of Clenbuterol in mg of caffeine in terms of stimulant effects?

49:45 Is the main fat loss action of Clenbuterol the stimulant effect?

50:40 Any difference in getting caffeine from coffee vs. supplements?

52:57 Would it be beneficial to use the same on/off protocol for insulin as for anabolics?

54:35 Where can you inject insulin?

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