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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-19-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:10 Would creatine supplementation, e.g. 5g/day, raise creatinine levels to a significant degree to make creatinine and eGFR unreliable as markers for kidney health?

03:16 How often and how many mcg do you recommend for each raise in dose when using Clenbuterol? Starting dose at 20 mcg for an 88kg male.

05:07 I’m at the end of my second course of Nandrolone. What I’m going to explain already happened during the first course of Nandrolone. Blood pressure has elevated but is still decent at 125/70. I admit that I did very little cardiovascular activity. My body weight escalated from 81kg to 94kg. During the course, resting heart rate elevated from 70 to 90. Is it due to the escalation in body weight? Is it a possible side effect of the sheer presence of Nandrolone? Is it just the fact that I did too little cardio?

07:02 Being Scandinavian, I find myself to be a lot warmer than people from the UK (where I currently live), my fiancee describes me as a living furnace (even when under 12% BF) , and I find I can handle low temperatures much more easily than my British colleagues, while handling high temperatures poorly. What I find odd is that my actual temperature when measured by a thermometer is actually below average, around 36.5 degrees Celsius. It seems a bit counterintuitive that I handle cold more easily, and feel warm to the touch, but my temperature is below average, any explanation as to why?

10:10 For a beginner male bodybuilder preparing for a show, what diuretic is the most plug and play to have on-hand in the case they deem it needed? As in simple, reliable, and hard to screw up.

11:37 Would AAS / Testosterone be as beneficial for plyometrics as standard strength training? And if so, which compounds? DHTs?

13:10 Vascularity in regards to cooling/maintaining heat

13:50 My doctor says that Melanotan2 is damaging to the heart. Is there any truth to that?

14:33 Would oral Turinabol be an effective tool at increasing recovery in the short term, for a multi day back to back sporting event? Is there perhaps better tools for this job?

15:27 Intravenous HGH for better absorption and higher levels of IGF 1 it’s a good option or the means of administration are irrelevant?

17:40 In general, can sports TRT and a modest calorie deficit be a viable strategy to maintain muscle mass from the previous course and drop some body fat?

19:10 I seem to be more tired/lethargic while running Nandrolone (3.5 mg/kg), I don’t get this with other compounds. What could be the culprit? Is it possible that I am susceptible to the varieties of estrogen that Nandrolone converts to?

21:38 Where can I read about MT2s impact on phlebotomy? I can’t find any studies regarding that…

23:19 Does estrogen have significant effects on neurology in skill based athletics? In regards to the day of competition estrogen values. Independent of its long term protective effects to neurology.

24:56 Not really a question for the stream …. but I came across some old digital scans of some of Dan Duchaine’s newsletters from around 96’ – 98’.

27:18 Can progesterone levels remain elevated even if the cause of it (i.e. Tren/Nandrolone) is no longer in the body?

29:11 I’m 6 weeks after a Primo/Test cycle and dropped back down to TRT however I’m still getting acne, isn’t this normal?

30:35 Lyle McDonald – Well in women at least, the drop in estrogen at the end of the cycle has acute effects. Many women report ‘losing their words’ and coordination can go down the shitter. Does it happen in dudez? No clue.

32:42 Can Clomid still effectively induce an FSH response ON cycle and subsequently stimulate Sertoli cells to produce sperm? I know that endogenous Test is part of the process of production/maturation.

34:22 You once mentioned that users that get a good response/effect from AAS also get a lot of side effects. Have you come across people who get minimal effects and lots of side effects too?

35:54 When Nandrolone is used in a female for 3 shots over approx 6 weeks, while respecting the half-life, once exogenous levels are similar to what their endogenous levels would normally be, would they have suppressed testosterone? I hope that makes sense.

37:26 I’m not wanting to conceive at the moment, it’s purely for cosmetic purposes as my counts get hit hard on cycle usually. (regarding the previous Clomid question)

39:00 Would you increase Testosterone if Masteron dosage causes low estrogen problems or would you not raise Masteron & add in a different compound?

40:47 Currently doing Sports TRT at 3mg/kg. If I were to incorporate this into my Sports TRT dose, would I lower my Test e to 150mg/week and then add in Primo at 100mg/week to get a total of 250mg/week of anabolics to stay in the sports HRT range?

44:00 In a course designed for hypertrophy, is replacing Testosterone completely with Boldenone at 2x the dose a viable strategy to try to get more total mg, or should some test remain in the course?

45:50 How would you periodize a 12-16 week cycle?

48:06 What AAS would you recommend as a last short course (April to May) for a 400m sprinter before a tested competition in June?

51:02 I just had some Anavar left over that I’m using up! It’s not a major inclusion. (regarding the previous cycle design question)

52:38 What are you drinking?

53:01 Do you take into consideration the ester when calculating milligrams?

54:00 Would it be counterproductive to use Meldonium during a fat loss phase? Could it slow down the process of fat burning? Does it block carnitine from entering into the muscle?

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