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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-16-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:20 When donating blood, which other markers besides RBC are meaningfully affected?

03:15 In a calorie deficit where the goal is fat loss, how would you dose 4 IUs of GH? 2 in the morning, 2 before bed?

04:23 Do you think supplements like Athletic Greens are useful for someone who has trouble hitting macro targets and adding “enough” veggies is too filling?

05:15 For neurological adaptations for strength (sport of strongman) which drug or drugs do you favor when working with clients?

07:38 Which magnesium should I add to my ZMA? Is magnesium threonate adequate? I’ve seen some research showing it helps to fall asleep.

09:20 Using 2IU of growth hormone, for the first time. If I had to narrow it down I would say fat loss is currently top priority. Is first thing in the AM the best time to administer for that goal?

12:37 I know you addressed this 10,000 times but could you please rehash what millimeter readings are good for a bodybuilder in and off season?

15:00 You mentioned that Tom Platz used to do bike cardio to maintain leg size while trying to bring his upper body up to par. Would doing your cardio on the spin bike preserve leg size better than other cardio modalities?

17:33 You seem to be against “pulsing” fast acting AAS around training for improved training response, is this because you don’t believe it to have any merit, or is it just because your overarching methodology is longer, lower, slower?

20:20 I’m paraphrasing here, but I think I remember you saying bubble gut isn’t something new, but it’s more common now because of the additional drugs taken, on top of just anabolics. Is there a certain drug that is more likely to cause that bubble gut look and is it also the amount of food guys eat these days?

22:21 Do you have any advice to help with insomnia driven by Clenbuterol?

22:53 What kind of coffee are you drinking?

24:18 Considering adding a small amount of Masteron for estrogen management during a 16 week course of 200 Test 400 Primo. Is replacing some amount (say 50mg) be enough to see estrogen management benefits or do you recommend swapping out Primo completely?

25:37 What are your thoughts on the current R&D going on for lab grown meat?

29:28 Do you trust UGL Clenbuterol products?

31: 44 What drugs and which training style would you recommend if someone wants to accrue pure contractile force with the least amount of bodyweight?

35:16 Is there a need to separate HGH and Metformin administration by X amount of time?

36:22 Does Boldenone aromatize at 50% the rate of Testosterone?

36:59 Have you guys decided on the next Sunday school?

38:30 How many points of RBC, hemoglobin and hematocrit would one drop when donating blood? Have you developed any sort of usable Post-It note rule for that?

39:06 I think in one 30 Years On The Gear you said you took 500 mg of orals per day at one point, can you recall what your blood markers were at the time?

42:17 Future Sunday School Topics

43:04 During contest prep, do you still recommend escalating sets or you would keep it more static?

45:13 High level athletes are often popped for Stanozolol, do they generally use oral or injectable? injectable Stanozolol is notorious for causing debilitating PIP so this would seem problematic for an athlete.

47:05 What would you look for to determine if a female should continue running Anavar up until the day of her show? Also, do peptides like CJC and Ipamorelin cause water retention like growth hormone, and would you more than likely drop these a week out from show day for a female?

49:52 Is it true that Boldenone is liver toxic or actually toxic to any organs in particular?

51:09 In the early 1980s until the early 1990s, (white) bodybuilders had a distinct shiny golden stage color as opposed to a very brown color now.

52:21 How do you recommend using compensatory acceleration for hypertrophy, if at all?

52:49 If someone was starting a 12-16week course with Masteron enanthate, then adding Dianabol as sports HRT when needed, should that person cease both drugs at the same time or cease the Masteron earlier?

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