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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-14-21

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03:33 What is the highest amount of Testosterone someone should run to counteract the AI properties of Masteron?

05:19 How would you determine milligrams on a cycle of Primobolan & Testosterone?

07:00 Is there a correlation between PED use & abdominal cramping?

07:43 Do you ever do a mentorship with athletes that you work with?

08:30 Was talking about anabolics & thanks for the answer. (regarding the previous question on abdominal cramping)

10:10 How do you determine insulin usage for the day?

11:47 What is the shortest course of AAS when using long acting esters?

13:20 Can everyone benefit from Metformin & how much can one take?

14:27 DO you find that Testosterone causes negative mental side effects like 19-nors?

15:17 How much does GH contribute to hypertrophy in a cycle?

17:25 What goes on when someone has too high of an insulin sensitivity?

18:23 Does Boldenone have any benefit to a bodybuilder that doesn’t train with high volumes?

19:36 If using insulin would it be advised to drop Metformin when on insulin?

20:43 Is Boldenone better suited to endurance athletes?

21:21 Do you ever have athletes that do twice a day training?

23:55 How much less effective are GH secretagogues compared to taking GH itself?

24:57 What do you recommend between cycles?

25:24 Would an HRT of Masteron & Estradiol have any shortcomings?

27:13 Do Primobolan & Masteron drive RBC?

27:47 Have you seen athletes using 19-nor derivatives get elevated progesterone when using GH?

28:50 How much did equipment play a role in the development of bodybuilders from the golden era vs. now?

30:34 Would you do more cardio & less weight training before using AAS to maximize hypertrophy while using AAS?

32:57 Is there an optimal body fat percentage for performance for a MMA athlete?

35:13 How can you tell if gyno is estrogen or progesterone induced?

36:58 Do you have any association with Victor Black?

38:53 Is 15-20IU of Lantus considered a low dose?

39:44 Do you agree with Victor Black?

40:43 Would you recommend 10mg/kg for a MMA athlete in a phase where he is trying to accrue muscle mass?

43:34 Is there any rule for Proviron & Masteron dosage? How can one equate the two?

44:32 Are there any situations where you would use Masteron P vs. Masteron E for a bodybuilder?

46:04 Does HCG cause less testicular atrophy than Gonadorelin?

47:38 What would result in better absorption, injecting oil basted AAS sub-q or IM?

48:30 What is the lowest subscap mm measurement that you have seen?

50:13 More on Victor Black.

51:34 How much time would Eastern European coaches plan to achieve an overtrained state before an AAS course for the purpose of hypertrophy?

54:43 How do I increase hemoglobin?

55:10 What brand of Brazilian Altura Coffee do you consider to be the best?

57:27vHow do I increase my BMR so that I can eat more?

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