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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-12-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:22 The last Sunday school was amazing. Would Broderick consider making more of those on blood work?

02:24 You’ve mentioned that recently you’ve changed your approach regarding how to use Clenbuterol because now you don’t believe it “stop working in 15 days” as you used to. How is your new “post-it note” way of using it on season and off season?

04:28 Is there a way to suppress somatostatin?

06:43 32 year old 90kg male dosage escalation question. In my first course at 5mg/kg peak dose I gained 9kg over 16 weeks. For the next 2 or 3 courses I’m looking to take 250mg of testosterone and 350mg of Masteron for weeks 9-16. My idea is 150mg Primo week 1-4 and 250mg Primo 5 – 8 to minimize natural suppression to help recovery time between courses. Am I under dosing the 1st half of the course with these numbers and is sticking in the 6-7mg/kg range for a couple of courses going significantly limit progress?

09:29 In respect to choosing the right compound is Superdrol or Halotestin a good choice for a male sprint cyclist to drive neurological activity two weeks prior to competition date?

11:03 For an upcoming course, I tend to get manageable, but annoying sides when Testosterone goes above 1.5 mg/kg. If my estrogen is in range, and taking an “estrogen neutral” anabolic (Primobolan), is it advisable to debit the sports TRT dose and replace with the anabolic dose?

13:40 Through what mechanism does nightly exogenous GH make one fatigued during the day? What is the most effective way to counteract this effect, and is there a more targeted approach than increasing stimulants?

16:22 Is carb cycling ever a smart approach for fat loss when sub 10% and battling stubborn fat?

17:30 How fast-acting is Melanotan2 on phlebotomy? Days? Weeks?

19:40 Which compound is the best for horsepower to weight ratio?

20:46 How many days would I need to take off in order for a blood test measuring AST, ALT, and creatinine not to be elevated because of training?

22:22 Do you believe there is a point where escalating AAS milligrams will cause not only diminished, but negative returns due to overall toxicity and drug burden?

24:19 If you donate blood is it going to skew other markers?

25:21 You’ve mentioned that in most cases an Olympic weightlifter would probably benefit more from a compound like Oral Turinabol than Stanozolol. Could you explain why that is?

27:39 Do you see or hear of changes in bowel movements when on a course? If so, does the compound selection play a significant role?

29:41 Does DHT play a role in aiding fat loss when in a calorie deficit?

30:44 I had to stop taking GH due to cost and “substituted” by alternating CJ-1295 then MK-677. (Not both at the same time). How much efficacy am I losing?

33:07 Is there any reason you would choose Mibolerone over Halotestin or vice versa?

35:00 What’s the difference between Semax and Selank?

35:55 What is your recommendation for resting heart rate?

37:05 Would Clenbuterol be counterproductive for an endurance athlete due to the increased heart rate?

39:24 Is it logically sound for a highly active person (average 15,000 steps daily, intramural sports, etc) with bloodwork and vitals within range, to postpone dedicated cardio during an upcoming hypertrophy course, and periodize an aerobic block during the bridge between courses?

41:36 Do you have any thoughts on intermittent fasting?

41:44 The last place fat comes off for me is the lower back but it seems like my body rather metabolizes muscle rather than that stubborn fat. So I’m going to try Clenbuterol for the first time. How low would you start the initial dose and how would you escalate it? 6 foot 193 lb 41 year old male.

44:06 Is there any upcoming content on the member’s site related to specifically peak week on a bodybuilding contest prep?

47:05 Going back to what you said about GH making people tired, simply because they are growing, would you say this is true for anabolics as well?

48:14 If I’m on a SNRI (Effexor) is Sibutramine a big no-no for me?

48:56 Since eGFR is based on creatinine which should be elevated in athletes is it worth getting the Cystatin C GFR instead?

50:02 Independent of estrogen’s neuroprotective effects, does increased estrogen play a role in cognition?

51:33 Any quirky interactions to watch out using Adderall with AAS?

52:36 Would you be concerned about having a constant systolic blood pressure between 120-130 upon waking?

53:58 Not a question but F*CK my social anxiety and general anxiety diminished after 2.5mg/kg Testosterone! Hopefully my upcoming bloodwork shows positive results too!

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