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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-9-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:16 On average, how much of the water retention gained from growth hormone would you say is intramuscular and how much would be subcutaneous?

03:08 Any negatives to giving blood for bloodwork before a workout?

04:27 Can Clenbuterol & Metformin be taken at the same time?

05:30 f a high national level classic physique competitor in an off season setting transitioning into Sports TRT (3mg/kg) after a 16 week course (peak dose 15mg/kg) would you expect them to still make progress in terms of hypertrophy if they were to increase dosage of and/or introduce GH and insulin into this “off” period?

08:42 What is your opinion on preloading all syringes in a single sitting each week for both intramuscular and sub-q injections? Do you believe that the risk for infection is increased drastically even if the syringes are kept in a sterile?

10:42 Does Clenbuterol have a preference to one muscle fiber type in terms of facilitating hypertrophy?

12:43 What is the mechanism that causes T4 to lower while using GH especially at higher doses without suppressing TSH?

13:30 If taking 1mcg/kg of Clenbuterol, would you expect an increase in morning resting HR and BP after 14 days?

15:08 What’s your post it note rule for potassium supplementation?

15:42 Is UGL Testosterone enanthate at 500mg/ml legit? How is it produced and have you found it to be less tolerable?

17:43 What is your recommended dosage and duration for Sibutramine for appetite suppression?

18:15 If one wants to reduce blood pressure and reduce cardiac stress and has access to 20mg Cialis tablets, is it ok to split the tablet and take one half every other day?

19:05 Would there be a synergy between insulin & ephedrine prior to physical activity when it comes to fat loss? Would one lower blood sugar & the other liberate fatty acids to fill the energy gap?

20:42 Does exogenous GH or the IGF produced as a result affect lactate production, utilization, or clearance during exercise?

21:56 What the golden era bodybuilders generally did differently in terms of drugs, diet and training back then?

24:44 If you started a 16 week course at 90kg at 10mg/kg, let’s assume you gained 10kg, and then went in a calorie deficit after and hit 90kg again (but at a much better body recomposition), could mg/kg be the same for the next course to see hypertrophy?

26:15 Does Metoprolol inhibit the anti catabolic effect of Clenbuterol when taken together?

26:52 What mechanism of action regarding AAS makes them manufacture Type 1 muscle fibers instead of Type 2? And why doesn’t regular Testosterone do that?

29:17 If someone is struggling to grow muscle tissue on 10 mg/kg of AAS, would you try to increase the dosage to try to elicit a response, or try to add different vectors such as insulin, growth hormone, etc?

31:10 How would your periodization look like for a track and Field athlete since they mostly rely on Type 2 fibers?

33:16 If you sustain an injury during a course that prevents you from training for your sport should you stop the cycle?

37:18 What modalities of cardio do you find beneficial for bodybuilders to raise their fitness level? Legs always seem to be a limiting factor for me.

39:03 More on the previous question on injuries.

40:48 I use 2iu’s of GH before bed at 5 on 2 off. My current schedule is set so I get 5 hours of sleep two consecutive nights a week instead of my usual 7.5 hours. To maximize benefits from GH. should I alter my GH off days around the lower sleep nights?

42:38 What’s your cardio recommendations in the off season for bodybuilding?

45:06 Is there anything in the DHT column that can help with water retention/cell volumization like Nandrolone?

46:52 When is the next book coming out?

48:35 Where will you be in NYC?

48:55 For sports TRT, what noticeable difference is there between adding 100mg Masteron or Primo with 175mg Test?

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