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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-7-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:29 Are some anabolics better than others for recovery?

02:28 What is the minimum daily fat intake?

03:15 Do you prefer to work with drug tested or non drug tested athletes?

04:00 What would be an absolute high carb intake?

05:02 How do I improve my hemoglobin values naturally?

05:44 How do you design a course around the use of Anadrol for an athlete that is sensitive to estradiol?

06:58 Why do you think Mike O’Hearn still claims he is natural?

08:03 Anadrol seems superior to Nandrolone for muscle gain.

09:39 Did you get to see the 212 at the Olympia?

10:32 Is there any starting dose for Nandrolone for a 100kg athlete that has never used it before?

13:01 What type of exogenous insulin is best for bodybuilding & hypertrophy?

14:51 I’m eating the same amount of calories, weight is stable but impedance scale indicates a rise in body fat. What could be the cause of this?

15:17 What is your preferred way of dosing long ester drugs?

16:57 I have used Nandrolone in the past with great results, no side effects other than less motivation & no aggression during the workouts. Can adding Proviron to a Deca only cycle fix this issue?

18:42 Are there athletes that do not lose appetite when using orals?

19:09 Where can one learn about PEDs to know how to apply them correctly?

19:53 Do ARBs lower the risk of cardiac hypertrophy?

20:45 What do you think is responsible for prostate issues, excess estrogen or DHT?

21:45 Enhanced female using HCG during a cycle – is there a reason as to why?

22:10 What parameters do you use to predict volume progression in a mesocycle?

22:53 In the last Madsen File, Randy showed us his home gym. What equipment would you consider to be useful for hypertrophy other than barbells & dumbbells?

24:28 Is it true that injecting insulin in the same area can cause fat accumulation?

25:59 Is MT2 prohibited in sports?

26:21 An athlete using only TRT & DHT derivatives has less side effects.

26:35 Can using too many exercises during a mesocycle be detrimental?

26:47 Can MT2 & Meldonium work synergistically?

27:33 Do you ever do farmer’s carries?

28:46 Do you have any go-to resources for people getting into coffee?

30:14 More about Broderick’s injury.

30:56 Is there a detriment to reducing calories for a dieting female if weight loss has stalled/regressed?

32:58 What to eat before a workout & how long before a workout should one eat?

33:18 Any knowledge on injectable SR-9009?

34:37 Would consult with Broderick be appropriate for someone seeking to improve performance for a job (military)?

36:02 Can taking a few days off before bloodwork improve the accuracy of the tests?

37:07 Is there any effect on power output from increase in size of a non-professional bodybuilder?

40:40 Do AAS favor slow twitch muscle fibers & would coming off AAS & reducing training volume promote fiber transmutation to fast twitch muscle fibers?

41:46 What is your opinion on low carb dieting & refeeds (Lyle McDonald) vs. consistent dieting?

44:07 Could fiber type transmutation favor the people that have bad genetics for accruing muscle mass?

46:17 What’s the downside on increasing volume when it’s not really needed?

47:50 Is high hematocrit & hemoglobin beneficial to a soccer athlete or is it more about energy systems?

49:35 Does moderate/high intensity cardio have a benefit when trying to gain muscle?

53:37 How is Broderick’s wife’s name pronounced (Ceinwen) & the origin of her name.

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