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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-5-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:25 For a 35 year old male not concerned with fertility you would not recommend PCT between cycles?

03:03 How to know if the Clenbuterol dosage and duration is being sustainable? Which markers can we use to decide when we have to stop it? What about other fat loss drugs used in pre contest?

05:37 In the last Q&A it seems like you said that male have higher estrogen levels than women. Did I get it right? Because the reference range of females is higher and I wanted to know what you meant by that.

06:03 Is it normal to feel bad after coming off a cycle? would this get worse as one ages?

07:24 In a scenario where you are dosing anabolics based on goal weight as opposed to current weight, would you do the same with caloric intake?

08:19 Regarding Clenbuterol for a 400m sprinter who is already taking it for training, do you increase the dosage on race day for an extra stimulant boost?

10:39 How would you advise to come off T3? Taper off or cold turkey? Anything to reduce risk of thyroid shutdown?

13:11 Is there any sports HRT for women?

15:20 What doses of testosterone do you think Tour de France cyclists use and what are the main benefits they seek from their testosterone?

16:53 When does Broderick decide it’s time to add T4 to the pre contest cycle?

18:45 Are untested MMA athletes are often at 20mg/kg+ of AAS?

20:18 What are your thoughts, Broderick on using non-Test for Sports TRT? Specifically Nandrolone or Primo (along with Test, say 1.5mg/kg Test + 1.5mg/kg Nandrolone/Primo)?

21:38 Possibilities for female acne? What should one look for in bloodwork?

25:57 Following on from the question just answered – have you ever seen/heard of/recommended 150/150mg/kg of Testosterone/Trenbolone?

27:43 I am a 51 year old male, multi-sport athlete, 90kg body weight with very good, healthy labs. Currently using Sports TRT with 300mg Masteron Propionate for a total of 5.5mg/kg. Is it a bad idea to stay on this amount indefinitely and then increase the mg/kg during a competition training block?

29:50 I know a lot of guys will rotate between androgen pushed and peptide pushes. However, when would it be appropriate to come off of everything?

30:57 How plausible is the “tainted supplement” explanation? E.g. Jon Jones’ Turinabol failed test?

33:03 In my current split I’m doing German Volume Training but only 6 sets of direct biceps and 6 sets of triceps. Is this too little or is this acceptable since a high volume of arms is used with pulls and pressing movements?

35:34 Does Meldonium impact lactic acid buildup during exercise/game?

34:46 Are there any bodybuilding “programs” or “routines” you would recommend?

37:38 Where can we find pictures from your bodybuilding days?

38:47 Jumping off the GVT training question, would it be an acceptable alternative for the 80-120 escalation?

40:23 How would you suggest lowering dosage from 5 to 3mg/kg? Just cut Test and leave more Masteron or vice a verse? Or eliminate Masteron use altogether?

41:49 You mentioned previously that studies have shown that hypertrophy can be attained through training around 30% of 1RM. How comparable would the hypertrophy be vs. higher percentages? Could one stay below 50% of 1RM indefinitely and achieve maximum hypertrophy?

44:19 I listened to the DHT round table and I may have misunderstood what was actually meant, but I think I recall it being mentioned that running a DHT derivative, high volume, glycolytic training would not be ideal. Is this in relation to high volume training for hypertrophy?

48:12 What’s better for “volume/fullness” etc. Nandrolone or Dianabol?

49:30 Do you recommend all your athletes to come off AAS and only use low dose testosterone during the season to minimize weight but keep the gained strength?

51:50 Which drugs/supplements would be best for heart health?

55:00 Are there any risks to be aware of regarding adrenal fatigue/damage from excessive stimulant use?

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