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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-2-21

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01:29 For a retired athlete, could you alternate between Nandrolone and higher doses of GH along with TB500 & BPC throughout the year. To enhance one pathway, then as that lowers, bringing up the peptide pathway and vice versa. Sports TRT in the background the whole year.

03:26 Using Lantus & GH, but I can’t run Metformin, are there any other considerations I need because of this?

06:02 I don’t recall hearing a minimum time for insulin to be effective in this way, I assume there would be a minimum time frame for appropriate (worthwhile amount) tissue accrual, like there is with AAS?

07:52 Is it possible Stanozolol antagonizes the progesterone receptor, thus decreasing water retention stimulated by that pathway, which may explain why anecdotally people claim to experience a diuretic like effect?

08:40 Regarding insulin question, can’t use Metformin due to severe GI issues, extremely severe.

09:38 What steps to take to avoid acne on cycle?

11:01 If someone was interested in making their own aas products what would be your best advice?

12:05 Would it be valid to use an OTC estrogen supplement instead of T during a course such as later toward the beginner course when natural production > conversion diminishes?

12:55 32 year old male. For my 1st course I took Primo only for the first 8 weeks and then switched to Testosterone and Masteron for the second 8 weeks, my plan was to minimize testosterone use and suppression. Now planning my 2nd course and access to Primo is an issue. Can I open my course with 8 weeks of Masteron only or will it’s suppression of estrogen be an issue meaning I’d have to add Testosterone sooner?

14:32 Estradiol creams etc. They’re available all over the place. (regarding the previous OTC estrogen supplement question)

16:05 How would I use rapid insulin like a Novolog to aid fat loss when used with GH?

18:46 How do Winstrol, Turinabol, and Anavar compare in terms of glycogen weight gain?

19:54 If using a compound from your top 5 of phlebotomy, is the energy intensive production of RBCs etc. significant enough to justify increasing caloric intake in order to avoid a potential energy deficit?

20:55 I know that generally animal grade injectables are more sterile but are there any things more to take into consideration with regards to animal products?

23:25 Is it true that naringin or foods that contain naringin such as grapefruit or grapefruit juice boost the bioavailability of oral AAS?

25:47 Does Nandrolone have similar effects on the thyroid or thyroid axis like Trenbolone?

26:33 Would T-Bol drive more body weight than 250mg of Testosterone?

27:55 What dosages/protocol of MT2 would you recommend for increasing phlebotic values to a former continental level cyclist, with no former PED usage history, aiming to get back to an elite level. Current hematocrit around 48. What would be the highest hematocrit level you personally would like to see in such person bloodwork?

31:15 What biomarkers do you look at for assessing health effects of stimulants (Adderall, Clenbuterol) while on a course of anabolics? Obviously the usual suspects, BP, RHR, but anything specific to stimulants?

33:13 How important are phlebotomy values in a sport like MMA or Boxing compared to cycling where it seems to be more important than it any other sport?

37:41 What is today’s delicious beverage?

39:56 That was an awesome point about training volume earlier on in the season vs approaching the actual event. Definitely from my knowledge, intensity increases as volume decreases, the closer to the fight/event.

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