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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-29-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:20 How would you use cardarine for female athletes?

01:42 Is there any issue in buying large quantities of GH (300 IU) and keeping it to use the whole year?

03:22 If taking TRT as a female, does adding more of a different androgen, tend to cause masculinization faster, than someone not on TRT?

06:18 Did you hear what happened with the stock market this week and did you get involved in any trades?

07:20 Is NPP a better choice for Female TRT, than say Testosterone cypionate, If—the goal is to bring testosterone and estrogen into normal range, minimize use of exogenous hormones, and to minimize masculinization?

08:52 Recommended dosage for an Anavar /T-Bol addition to 250mg/week Sustanon?

09:34 Would it be safe to say that most/all anabolic steroids can have an impact psychologically? Tren seems to be the most notorious, other 19-nors, and center column drugs, I’ve heard get mentioned but, where would you rate Anavar on the continuum?

11:20 Has Sunday School started for 2021?

11:52 Used Testosterone for the first time at 2mg/kg and had some nipple soreness/sensitivity by the end of wk 1 which I managed with 3 .5mg doses of Arimidex. Am I just going to have to keep E2 low for the rest of my drug using career or is there some other way to manage it? I had some pubertal gyno before.

14:20 DHT Roundtable with Andy and Alex? On its way?

15:10 How much does TRT dosage affect resting heart rate?

15:45 The Oral Anabolics Roundtable

16:09 How good its DIM Formula with Calcium D-Glucarate for estrogen control?

16:50 Are there any negative short and long term downsides for a female, if she decides to take 600mg Ibuprofen once every month for multiple years to manage the onset of menstrual cramps?

19:12 Do people on TRT/gear need less sleep?

21:00 How to manipulate drugs to maximize speed (for soccer)?

25:28 I have started to have alopecia in my beard, have you seen this as a side effect of AAS?

25:58 If I’m not mistaken, in your Metformin overview, you mentioned you would consider adding Aspirin to the drinking water. What are the benefits of aspirin and why would you recommend this?

27:25 Is there a minimum mcg/kg of Clenbuterol to become effective for fat loss or is it almost linear, 10mcg works, 20 works that much better?

28:04 Are sprint repeats a good cardio modality for off season bodybuilders compared with a bike or something similar?

29:17 How does GH cause a release of glucagon & lipase?

32:00 Besides the usual cardio, weight loss, dietary changes, do you have a go to ARB blood pressure medication you would suggest to people who develop blood pressure issues (mild to moderate) during a course?

35:40 How’s your prep phase going?

36:15 Regarding AAS and chemical signaling. If someone used 10k mgs to get to the 5k “floor” on their most recent course. Will they need to use more mg’s than normal to get to the 7k “floor” on the following cycle?

37:35 You recommend Metformin at approx 100mg per 100g of dietary carb intake. If one is on a low carb intake in a calorie deficit (200g carbs per day), is there any harm in taking a higher dose?

38:28 Juris material!

38:54 If a TRT value will be present year long throughout a periodized plan, do you prefer dropping back to a 0.5-1mg/kg medical dose for the blocks without AAS, or keeping a 2-3mg sports TRT year round?

40:45 When you foresee a course at say 7mg/kg, do you dose that at current weight or for the intended weight?

42:37 For those using a background long acting insulin that also want to add a fast acting one on top, in which situation would you recommend pre workout & post workout & why? (A really debated topic of late)

45:40 Have you figured out the mechanism of action on how MT2 impacts phlebotomy?

47:22 Do you have any dosing recommendations for caffeine for performance benefits?

50:17 Do you have the same opinion on deloads for someone in a strength block?

52:02 You say bodybuilders generally train too heavy – what recommendations do you have for load on the bar for hypertrophy purposes? Where could I find this info on the members site?

55:28 How is the next ebook coming along?

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