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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-26-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:10 Can Masteron lower estradiol or it just acts as a SERM. And if it actually lowers E2, then by what mechanism?

02:17 I hear from a lot of people that adding Boldenone to their cycle (on top of Testosterone) cuts their estradiol levels in lab work by as much as 50%. Is it possible that all of them are some kind of hyper responders to Boldenone metabolites?

04:09 Since GH is produced in a pulsatile fashion, is there any refractory period between GH shots before the liver can properly use it?

05:16 While keeping in mind that aromatase inhibitor use is never preferred, in a case where aromatase inhibitors may be needed what factors go into your decision making in choosing Arimidex, Aromasin, or any other AI?

07:05 Does Clenbuterol usually show any negative marks on common blood tests?

08:16 How does liver glycogen impact performance and recovery if depleted vs. “full”?

10:17 For a male bodybuilder finishing an anabolic course, now running into a designed sports TRT phase of their periodization for another 16 week course. If one was to increase the usage of somatotropic hormone, would you prioritize timing differently with the lack of androgens?

12:54 Do you find Winstrol’s anabolic rating to hold any accuracy in practice?

13:21 Have you seen someone have low estrogen blood levels and symptoms when administering a sports TRT dose? What solution would you employ?

15:23 On my recent health checkup they found mild left ventricular hypertrophy, and a mild reduction in probably as a result of letting my bodyweight and my blood-pressure escalate too much for the past year. Now the blood pressure and the body weight is under control and I’ve been on 2 mg/kg Testosterone per week for the last 4 months or so. I was planning to do a course on Anavar for 8-10 weeks. Would this be a bad idea?

19:59 From your experience, how much do returns diminish with an increase in weekly AAS dosage?

21:35 Do you think there is a trend currently to focus on technique and excessive ROM at the expense of proper planned progression/consistent overloading?

23:40 How would you take a 4ml shot?

24:39 I’m going to start my first injectable cycle and I wanted to know basic things like should I shake the vial to mix the AAS? How much should I aspirate the syringe? Can I use kitchen paper/toilet paper to wipe the injection spot with alcohol 70? How should I keep my vial after using it? What’s the shortest needle I can use to inject in my quads, shoulders and glutes?

27:32 On Mircea’s journal his HDL went from 60+ to 19. Is this a standard response for those drugs and dosages? From my experience with AAS this seems excessive.

28:30 Last week I asked about the first cycle with Lantus rather than R and Rapid. I started in the lower end as you recommended. How is the carb meal timing with Lantus? For now I’m just eating every 3 to 5 hours but I’m worried when I get to the 30-40 IU range.

29:34 I thought about buying some UGL GH but I heard that the temperature and impact during many days/weeks of transportation would affect the GH. Is that true?

30:30 You mentioned in the previous Q&A that Lantus can perhaps be used at a higher IU/kg than Humalin . The rough number you indicated could be up to 50% bodyweight.

31:40 Apologies if this has been asked before but how much t4 would you suggest for someone using 4IU of GH 5x per week?

33:29 Is it possible to improve a sub 60 eGFR score over time?

35:18 The ampoules I got were supposed to contain 1ml of drug, however the syringes fill up to 1.1ml, which is weird but they’re pharma grade. 10% extra dosage seems a lot. Considering all my drugs come from ampoules, I’ll be taking over 0.8ml above what I was planning. Can you help to understand why that’s the case and what could I do about it?

37:21 Was about to start a cycle with TRT Testosterone cypionate (125mg per week) and add on Masteron (300mg per week) given I wanted to keep androgens as low as possible. Then find out the DHT in Masteron is more powerful than in Testosterone cypionate which could have a negative effect on my already slightly enlarged prostate. Would Deca be a better choice?

42:20 Deciding between a shorter & a longer cycle using the same total amount of anabolics.

46:40 In what scenarios have you utilized Testosterone for yourself or clients, and for what purposes? What are some of the largest benefits from this compound and some of the more common negative side effects?

48:27 I’m going to have a circumcision. I’m currently taking 4 IUs of GH. Will this improve the healing process?

49:28 When would you sign off on 5mg/kg of Testosterone?

51:02 I was looking for information on Trestolone or MENT.

52:23 Are there any instances when you would recommend a beta blocker?

53:09 Since Winstrol has its specific effects on connective tissue, do you know of or suspect any other AAS affect connective tissue in any appreciable way?

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