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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-10-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:22 Is there a method to combat numbness in the hands from GH?

03:44 How to combat hunger in an aggressive fat loss phase?

04:33 What can cause night sweats (on Test & Deca)?

06:03 Do plyometrics have a role to play in bench press peaking blocks?

09:54 How can I raise my hemoglobin fast?

12:05 Can the night sweats be caused by estrogen or prolactin? (regarding the previous night sweat question)

12:22 When you talk about mg of AAS do you include the carrier oil (or ester)?

13:38 TRT – sub-q or IM?

14:17 Is low Test high Deca good for hypertrophy & how low can you go with Test?

15:36 Thoughts on SARMs?

15:48 Feedback on the members site!

16:11 Should I supplement with iron? (regarding the raising hemoglobin questions)

17:05 Can Deca be injected sub-q?

17:36 Is doing bench press plyometrics in a Smith machine a good idea?

19:07 I see very lithe written on the application of plyometrics.

20:15 Does the injected muscle affect the absorption rate of AAS?

21:22 Does the oil used in injectable AAS have an impact on the half-live of the drug?

23:24 Is there a risk of developing liver cancer from oral AAS?

24:18 Does vitamin D have beneficial effects on sleep?

25:43 Insulin post workout?

25:59 What blood markers should be checked for kidney health?

26:34 Does subscribing to the members site include you having a short look over my bloodwork?

27:06 Top 5 training & nutrition books?

27:50 Going to start TRT. Cholesterol is low. Is this a good idea?

28:57 What are the most significant drugs for weightlifting athletes?

30:29 What are the best methods to preserve heart health?

31:30 What approach would you take when working with someone that only plan on doing a few cycles during his career?

32:58 Is consuming raw oral AAS in powdered form different from taking it in a capsule/tablet form?

35:38 If only bilirubin the only blood marker out of the range, would that be odd?

36:43 How long do the effects of drug use last?

38:42 If one responds well to Nandrolone, can it be used as Sports TRT between cycles?

40:22 What is your opinion on a 2 weeks on 2 weeks off Testosterone & Deca cycle?

40:47 How long to eat before bed for better sleep?

40:57 What is your opinion on a short cycle?

42:39 Do you think you influenced Mike Israetel’s thinking on set progression?

43:04 How to avoid estrogenic side effects? Would Nandrolone be an option?

44:16 Your thoughts on training frequency?

45:33 Did you work with pro wrestlers?

46:34 Can climate or season affect aromatization rates?

47:10 Can androgenic side effects be driven by free androgens & not just DHT?

47:45 Do 19-nor derivatives have a greater anti- glucocorticoid effect as compared to Testosterone & DHT derivatives?

50:00 At 200mg/week I get no side effects from Nandrolone, at 400mg/week I get some nipple sensitivity. Should I continue with 200mg/week or avoid Nandrolone?

51:38 What is the preferred administration of nicotine?

52:20 If fasted glucose is high but A1C is fine. should I reduce calories? I am eating most of my carbs before bed, could this impact the values?

54:26 Can Nandrolone provide sufficient estradiol?

55:25 Is Metformin’s action different when taken in bulk powder form?

56:11 Can using D-Bol allow Nandrolone to replace Testosterone completely or would it still be lacking some properties?

58:19 What vitamin D levels are optimal for a 25 year old male?

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