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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-8-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:21 When taking 2 weeks completely off of AAS after a course does the week you take the last injection count as the last week on?

02:50 How would you use ephedrine?

05:15 How would you use Humalog in for the purpose you use R insulin or Lantus?

09:17 Would you periodize training to reduce volume one week after the last dose or potentially extend it a bit more if possible as anabolic levels would still be elevated for a couple of weeks?

11:42 I know the mantra is “don’t get too fat”, but if one is already there, where in the off-season periodization from Sunday school would you put the deficit?

15:07 I usually have my last meal before going to bed. Could I take another injection of Insulin with this meal? (an addition to the Humalog meal)

16:28 Is nutrition timing more important when in a deficient trying to get from 11-12% body fat to 7% without the current use of anabolics and only on TRT?

18:22 How long does it take until Deca reaches peak plasma concentration? I remember you mentioned it takes for any given compound about 5 times the half life. In the case of Deca, this would be about 5 weeks.

19:38 GH Fragment is supposed to be the lipolytic portion of actual HGH. So, I would presume that once injected, it sends the same signals to the pancreas that GH does and the pancreas secretes lipase and glucagon. Why is it recommended in a low blood sugar environment if GH Fragment is actually the portion of GH that initiates the same catabolic processes?

22:22 My plan is to do GH Fragment, when I wake up, before training then normal GH before bed.

23:27 Do you have a preferred protocol/product for body hair removal prior to a Bodybuilder stepping on stage?

27:18 During the Sunday School episode you mention Insulin dosing at roughly 1/3 bodyweight. How does this differ during a fat loss phase or comp prep for a physique athlete? Also on duration, can this be used essentially indefinitely?

30:00 Dosage escalation question as per last Sunday school as well. In the example athlete you chose 12mg/kg as peak dosage with a 16 week course in mind. Can you please outline what the week 1-8 escalation would look like?

31:33 I’m dealing with multiple niggling injuries, I’m supposed to start a new 16 week hypertrophy block soon – would you suggest proceeding as normal & include some rehab work, or remove the heavier stimulus and take 8 weeks of the block to purely focus on rehab?

35:33 Is Masteron’s E2 modulating effects on others easily predictable for you?

36:44 Would an increase from 5mg to 10mg of Cialis lower blood pressure even further or is everything above 5mg not impacting blood pressure?

40:40 Do you plan on sharing spreadsheet templates like the ones mentioned in The Madsen Files?

41:07 I remember you mentioned you started experimenting with others on the effects of the SERD Fulvestrant. Do you have any more experience/insights on the use of it and its results on IGF and efficacy in general?

43:57 During my last course of Nandrolone blood pressure reached the 140s in week 10 but then later dropped again to 120 in the weeks thereafter. Do you have an explanation for this?

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