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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-3-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:47 Would water retention impede fat loss? How to differentiate between the two?

03:41 5 IU of GH given everyday or every other day or 10IU every second day?

05:13 Does sodium reduce insulin sensitivity?

05:40 When using antihistamines, is it worth using some refined more products?

06:58 Is there a difference between 6 times a week 30min. cardio & 3 times a week 3 hour cardio?

09:47 Do vascular cardiac pliability adaptations require 30-60 days to take place?

10:35 Does fasted cardio have a benefit over fed cardio when using Clenbuterol?

12:27 Do you know of pro bodybuilders that have used Saxenda?

12:43 Is insulin use without GH worth it?

14:25 At what point do you reach peak plasma concentration in a course that escalates to the midpoint?

16:02 How would Metformin be used during a bridging protocol?

19:08 Any other strategies to increase appetite (other than antihistamines)?

20:10 When not on GH but on AAS, would you still recommend Cardio first thing in the morning? Is post workout cardio for health superior to evening non-fasted cardio?

24:07 How much coffee do you drink?

24:28 Thoughts on an Aeropress?

25:08 Do you do the main lifts once a week & do you do any accessory work after that?

26:55 Can GH be substituted by Nandrolone for joint-protective effects?

28:48 Methylclostebol vs. Turinabol?

30:27 Can you talk about NPP for powerlifting?

33:00 Do you take some lift to failure and do you periodize your accessories?

35:00 Should Metformin not be taken alongside a beta2-agonist?

35:50 For a drug tested athlete is Trestolone a better choice than Nandrolone?

37:58 What is a “glycolytic” phase?

40:15 You should do more Dvaid Herera videos!!!

41:31 Trestolone & Masteron in the same cycle? With no Testosterone?

42:45 Are glycolytic phases also for bodybuilding?

45:45 Are there drugs better than Halotestin for powerlifting peaking (drug tested)?

47:12 Thoughts on the new research on DNP being used as a longevity drug?

48:48 What is the best exercise to develop hamstrings?

50:32 Is there a correlation between vitamin D deficiencies & sleep disturbances?

52:55 What do you think of nicotinamide riboside for athletes?

54:28 Is a fasted glucose of 103 optimal to begin a growth cycle?

55:35 Ways to get blood pressure down while on AAS?

56:17 “Growth” refers to gaining muscle (“fasted glucose of 103” question continued).

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