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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-1-21

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:27 Do the dosages of vitamins & minerals from the Sticky Note Sports Nutrition eBook apply to women as well & what is the role of NAC? (and more on the benefits of vitamin C)

06:15 The correlation between liver values & anabolic usage in the context of the Practical Application First Course.

10:06 Does Anavar (and other anabolics) have a significant effect on thyroid binding globulin?

12:34 What are the blood markers to check over time to check if GH use is not causing significant health impact?

16:11 Why is it detrimental to be in an energy deficit for fat loss if an athlete is using AAS & other PEDs?

19:35 What can be done between cycles to “feel good” & preserve as much muscle as possible? (the current cycle is the first cycle)

23:46 Could you please outline a generic protocol of using T4 in a bridging phase?

27:37 You’ve mentioned before that peptide use and results is more behavioral based. How can we ensure we are adhering to the behaviors that will lead to maximum results?

30:20 After watching your healing peptide video I’m wondering if BPC-157 or TB-500 could be used to purposefully make connective tissue or fascia tissue like a ligament or collagen more elastic, flexible, or increase its stretchable length?

32:35 How can one use MSG (monosodium glutamate) to hyperhydrate?

35:34 Any idea when the EvilPrepVibe DHT round table will take place?

37:16 Best drugs for quality size?

38:42 What is the relative effectiveness of sub-q vs. intramuscular injection of GH. The reason for the question is my body fat is extremely low and can’t pinch enough fat around my stomach to convince myself I’m injecting into fat…

40:16 Mainly a curiosity question, but for a combat athlete, is there any hypothetical scenario where the right tool for the job would be a volumizing AAS like Nandralone, Dianabol or Anadrol?

47:06 Best DHT compounds for neurology?

49:15 How does the volumization from Anadrol differ from Dianabol?

51:07 Shortness of breath a sign of low fitness?

56:08 In regards to Arabs not believing in “Deca dick”, it makes me think that a lot of side effects are mental self-fulfilling prophecies.

57:45 Why do you prefer low doses of Testosterone & the rest AAS? Does it have something to do with the environment you have grown up with?

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