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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 12-29-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:01 Do cycles change when you are over 40?

04:15 What are the best compounds for grappling (drug testing & weight gain are not issues)?

06:43 Why might anabolic usage and even peptide usage accelerate aging? Specifically physical appearance.

07:15 What would be the difference in dosing between the peak offseason & contest prep doses?

09:44 Why isn’t the dosage escalation linear in a course from beginning to the end instead of just to the midpoint & then it’s linear?

13:19 What are the jobs of vitamin C, calcium, NAC, vitamin K complex & CoQ10? P.S. Who is G.W.?

19:34 Would insulin use be problematic for combat athletes because of the weight gain from carbohydrate retention?

21:25 Would you recommend for someone to implement the 3rd dose of R insulin in the afternoon if the previous 10IU doses were taken earlier in the day?

22:58 Is GH as effective if injected in other places than the stomach area?

25:16 Are any other steroids besides insulin, GH & Clenbuterol that can be used with TRT to bridge 2 cycles?

26:18 95kg male 2 weeks into taking 40mcg of Clenbuterol for 16 weeks as a bridge between 1st and 2nd steroid course (16 weeks resulting in 10kg gain). I’ve had a cramp a couple of times and it seems Taurine will help with this – what dosage of Taurine should I look at using?

27:15 Any negative health risk drinking coffee while taking Clenbuterol?

27:59 In what circumstances would you recommend more than 120 sets per week?

30:40 Say an 85 KG combat athlete that’s 12-14% body fat wanted to add 5 KG of muscle mass and lose 2.5 KG of body fat, would you go about these goals concurrently or would you try to reach one goal first?

32:26 What is the dosage progression you would recommend for GH?

35:30 Is Phentermine comparable to Sibutramine?

35:45 Why are the likes of T-Bol and Anavar so popular in CrossFit? Aren’t there better choices?

37:40 When using exogenous GH, does intake of dietary carbohydrates (and timing) matter?

38:30 Aside from Testosterone, what would your top 3 PEDs be for an MMA fighter, and does it depend on the periodization?

39:24 If someone approaches you who’s done higher volume (say 140 sets/week and seems to be coping) would you still drop them back down to 80-120 and tell them to train harder/heavier)?

42:59 When programming a Hypertrophy phase for someone for the first time, do you think it makes sense to use a standard rep range across the board (says 6-10 reps) for all body parts?

42:40 What do you think about Equilin and DES for male athletes, would their more pronounced activity on the liver make them good choices for sports performance?

42:58 Simply collect data on how they respond in each rep range? (add-on to the previous volume question)

45:09 6 ft 205 lb male just finished a Primo cycle peaked total dose (Test included one gram. I gained 30 lb in 20 weeks. Once I drop back down to TRT what should be a goal weight to settle in at?

46:37 Are there any androgens that downregulate 5-alpha reductase?

49:25 How does Normethandrone act in comparison to Nandrolone, and what is it good at?

50:50 If on a course and blood pressure is continually even with the addition of cardio, what would be the steps you would take thereafter to address the issue?

54:17 What’s the nicest gym you’ve trained at?

56:22 Assuming body fat is the same, does increased body weight have an effect on aromatization or total E2 levels from an equal mg of Testosterone?

57:15 Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy vs. myofibrillar — does pharmacology have a much stronger effect than training variables?

58:23 How much do you know about how T-Bol pills are made? What kind of filler are used? I’m asking because I’m lactose intolerant and I heard lactose is sometimes used as a filler.

1:00:30 Could the synergy between Turinabol and Anavar be partly explained by Turinabol’s estrogen varieties?

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