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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 12-27-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:57 Thoughts on BPC-157 for injuries?

03:05 How many hours after a Testosterone enanthate injection should I get my blood drawn?

03:52 Why do pros take Dianabol pre workout instead of abiding by the half-life?

05:56 If estrogen is high while on TRT, but still in the reference range, what should be done?

08:04 Thoughts on ephedrine supplementation to aid fat loss?

08:52 How often is IGF1 DES used in upper tier bodybuilding & does it really work to improve the injected muscle?

10:30 Which has a higher affinity to bind to hair follicles, dihydrotestosterone or dihydronandrolone?

11:55 To gage plasma Testosterone levels (regarding pre previous bloodwork question)

14:13 How can one combat the effects of A-bombs?

14:26 Would you lose gains made during your first oral cycle once you stop the cycle?

15:34 Is there a mechanism through which Superdrol can cause gyno?

18:11 How do fat burners work?

19:55 Can Tamoxifen be used to treat gyno caused by Superdrol?

21:06 Are all varieties of estrogen equally health protective?

21:35 How do you design a cycle for a first time user that has the goal of hypertrophy? Is a “Test only cycle” a thing?

23:00 Thoughts on stacking GH with IGF1 LR3?

23:38 How would you approach T3 duration & dosing for fat loss?

24:54 Retention rates post cycle

26:11 Updates on the practical application series

27:11 Do you become less prone to side effects with age?

29:00 Can you comment on Big Ramy’s win with Chad Nichols coaching him? Are Chad’s protocols extreme?

31:10 What would be the more important, to sleep 5-6 hours & train or to sleep 7-8 hours but not train for 4 days a week?

32:48 How high would you let estrogen run?

33:47 Is there any reason to increase protein intake for enhanced vs. natural athletes?

35:05 Is T4 needed if you are not over 6IU of GH?

35:55 Currently using BPC-157 for a knee injury. Are there any other drugs needed?

36:53 Currently on week 3 of the practical application first course. Should I feel like I’m “on”?

38:18 Is Boldenone pointless in a course that includes minimal Testosterone & high Nandrolone, or should one just increase the Nandrolone?

40:38 What are your thoughts on having kids after many years of using anabolics & what protocols would you implement to achieve this goal?

44:38 What are your thoughts on the hype around SARMS?

46:41 The first live with Randy Madsen will be a wrap up of 2020 – available now on the members site!!!

47:35 How to avoid face bloat on AAS?

49:08 Can you take the COVID vaccine & AAS at the same time?

49:44 When are you going to start taking on new clients?

51:48 Sustanon is the only available Testosterone in my country. Is there a difference between it & other Testosterone esters, other than injection frequency?

52:09 When you will upload a second cycle for the practical application series?

52:21 Why do some pharmaceutical AAS use much benzyl benzoate & less benzyl alcohol?

53:12 Can you give advice about low Testosterone & hypogonadism, even before androgen use?

55:04 If estrogen is too high, how does it affect fat loss?

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