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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 12-22-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:28 Any PEDs that might be used to reduce the risk of being knocked out or concussed?

02:44 How often should one take sets to failure?

06:40 Are there any specific places you would send drugs to be tested for purity?

07:18 Is injecting 500mg of NPP every other day about equivalent to injecting 500mg of Deca once per week?

08:04 Have you got any experience with injectable glutathione?

09:20 Do steroid use cause a fullness of the face?

11:05 When in a fat loss phase are you able to explain how to implement Insulin to return to a fasted state and burn fat “faster”?

13:53 Will using PEDs that are not androgenic during your TRT/off course phase limit or reduce your ability to reduce systemic fatigue?

15:50 Why after a deload when starting a new measure cycle your body does not negatively recomp considering a lower intensity and a lower load than you were lifting at the end of your previous mesocycle?

17:44 Did you see the National Geographic steroids episode with Tony Huge?

18:58 Is Stanozolol bad for the joints? Is the bro-myth that it “dries out” the joints true?

21:39 Can crushing Finasteride tablets and applying them to the scalp prevent hair loss (in women)?

22:30 4 weeks before the end of my 16 weeks mesocycle the gyms are closed again. I have a home gym with a lot of dumbbells, a bench and a machine where I can do a lot of different exercises. What would you recommend I should do? End the mesocycle 4 weeks earlier or keep going and change a lot of the exercises I do?

24:25 How would you measure “effort” during cardio if you do not have a HR monitoring device (smartwatch, Fitbit, etc.)?

26:52 Detailed description of an athlete preparing for a powerlifting meet & what would Broderick change in his approach to the meet

30:11 If someone has extremely low body fat and finds it difficult to pinch stomach fat sufficient around one’s midriff, will an injection in the quad suffice?

31:48 Is it common to experience erectile dysfunction with Trenbolone when Nandrolone did not cause any problems?

32:53 If one is on TRT for life ( prescribed ) at 2mg/kg, would this dosage need to be included in the total AAS dosage calculation?

34:16 Does testicular atrophy recover on a similar timeline to hormonal recovery?

34:38 Does the number of exercises matter for a body part?

37:24 What is your opinion on microdosing?

39:44 If drug testing and money is of zero concern, is Epitestosterone ever a useful tool?

40:04 Can you give an approximate number as to how much more powerful Trenbolone is compared to Nandrolone?

42:22 Is microdosing worth it?

42:50 How would you accommodate a 4 week bridge between AAS courses for women when it comes to volume if using the 80-120 sets per week volume rule?

46:31 I currently have legal boundaries that I cannot speak of which prohibit me from engaging in an AAS course. Would the alternative use of SARMS and/or peptides be efficacious to get around this boundary for performance enhancement and hypertrophy purposes?

49:14 Will you take the COVID vaccine?

51:44 Would cycling between Modafinil and Armodafinil help one keep from building a tolerance?

56:14 (David Herrera) I had COVID as well over the summer. I didn’t experience anything other than mild irritation and a cough still trained nothing bad. Tested positive and everything.

56:39 I’m pretty sure there are a few papers stating there isn’t much of a traditional tolerance with Modafinil.

57:34 When would your client use Epitestosterone and what job is it most useful for?

59:22 Sorry, referring to earlier, I meant use of Epitestosterone when drug testing is not of concern.

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