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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 12-18-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:00 Is there a benefit in combining Deca & EQ in a cycle?

04:10 Can Testosterone raise prolactin like a 19-nor?

04:47 When reconstituting GH is the water to powder ratio 1:1?

06:34 When strength is going down, does that mean that hypertrophy is also going down?

07:45 What to expect from 15mg/day of Oxandrolone for a first time female user during an 8 week cycle?

08:13 How many people are you coaching for this Olympia?

08:47 Is it better to cycle GH or to use a consistent dose year round?

09:49 Can people be 100kg at 50 years old? Does that have a negative impact on health?

10:51 Is there any benefit in doing light workouts during a deload instead of just taking a week off?

12:58 Does Tren have more impact on the herd than Clen?

13:46 What is your recommended dose for Zinc supplementation?

14:30 What do you disagree most with bodybuilding gurus?

15:12 Thoughts on Inositol as a supplement?

15:30 What do you recommend for liver health?

15:42 What does a typical day of eating look like for you?

16:44 Would you ever prescribe Deca in a fat loss phase?

17:32 Steroid wise, is it only GH that brings local growth to the injected muscle?

18:53 Did Lee Haney use EQ or Deca?

19:22 Do you think Tom Platz would have achieved the same physique without the same amount of training volume & effort?

20:46 Would taking 7IU of GH 5 days per week yield the same results as taking 5IU every day?

22:20 Does Primobolan prevent gyno?

22:40 Does peppermint or spearmint tea lower Testosterone?

22:55 Do you have any published books?

23:23 Did Tom Platz have any go to compounds?

24:03 Do you think John Defendis could have achieved a same level physique with less volume?

26:15 Is lactic acid beneficial or negative for muscle growth?

28:11 More on Tom Platz’s drug use

28:57 Could drinking grapefruit juice affect GH use?

30:13 Do you know of any ’70s pros that were so genetically gifted that he could use way less than his peers?

31:52 Don Howorth – a lesser known amazing bodybuilder

33:40 Any predictions for the 212 or Classic Bodybuilding classes?

34:50 Thoughts on SARMS?

35:22 Why are so many ’70s & ’80s pros in such good health if anabolics are as dangerous as the media portrays them to be?

37:14 Thought on multi drop sets to failure compared to straight sets with 3-5 minutes of rest for enhanced athletes?

37:55 Is vascularity a product of leanness & genetics or does training style influence it?

39:55 Who would AAS or GH impact healing from viruses like COVID?

41:20 How would you compare your knowledge to that of Alex Kikel?

42:27 Are plant sterols like turkesterone, useful?

42:51 Is edema expected at a 2-6IU dose of GH?

43:17 Why do traps & shoulders inflate first on a cycle & deflate first when coming off?

44:16 Would the mid 40s be an ideal time to drop weight for health purposes?

45:13 How would you take D-Bol if you are on TRT?

46:00 Did you see the National Geographic show on anabolics with Tony Huge?

47:20 What impact does exogenous progesteone have on sex drive & masculinizing effects?

47:46 Why does Testosterone cause subcutaneous water retention & is there a way to prevent this?

49:17 If duration, not dosage, causes suppression, would Testosterone cause more suppression than Boldenone?

50:26 Would progesterone cream help a male with clinically low progesterone on TRT? (regarding the previous progesterone question)

51:31 Why does Winstrol V have a longer half-life than oral Winstrol?

52:53 Do you find any use for Boldenone & Dianabol?

54:28 Benefits of Testosterone & NPP in an offseason cycle?

55:36 Is it better to take smaller injections in more spots than a large injection in just one spot because of absorption rates?

56:54 I have heard that Boldenone is not very anabolic until dosages go over 800mg…

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