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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 12-15-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:57 Would you recommend losing body fat during a maintenance or during a course for someone who is 15-17% body fat (not over 20%)?

05:17 How many days consecutively can Clenbuterol be run for the purpose of fat loss without losing its effectiveness?

07:35 A good Stack for a male of Middle Eastern descent.

10:35 Female hair loss while on Anavar. Why do many sources say that Anavar has no side effects?

15:46 How would you program a mesocycle for someone ending a course of AAS after a hypertrophy phase we’re strength and the amount of weight that you are performing exercises with is bound to regress?

17:59 What AAS & non-AAS compounds should a woman in contest prep be taking & how should the compounds be periodized?

21:41 In what scenario would you implement Trenbolone & how should it be implemented?

24:53 In your observations, have you witnessed Primobolan increasing aggression and or decreasing emotional resilience?

25:51 Is there a “Sports TRT” equivalent for T3, a dosage that one can use to improve fat loss & maybe athletic performance?

27:49 Why do you recommend in your Sticky Note Sports Nutrition ebook creatine although the ebook is for enhanced athletes?

29:49 I believe you said getting bloodwork 3-4 times a year is good to do, but what about something like a calcium score test or EKG?

32:26 Some of the deadlift numbers being put up by strongmen are pretty absurd lately. Can this be attributed to the equipment they use? Does it say something about the talent pool of Strongman relative to powerlifting or about the sheer size of the athletes?

34:27 New member here. 50 yr old physique competitor just looking to get big. Are there any women doing work similar to yours?

36:13 I know you say failure is not necessary for hypertrophy. So how close to failure are you bringing your working sets?

39:54 Do you have a hierarchy of compounds in order to use for periods of fat loss? For example, Clenbuterol, DNP, T3.

42:08 Have you ever considered adding a message board or forum to your website?

43:02 Why is Trenbolone generally not used during a mass phase?

43:37 If you do not agree with the traditional approach to fat loss, how would you approach it?

45:29 If systemic fatigue didn’t exist, would there still be a performance or body composition benefit from taking a cyclic approach?

46:31 Have you tried Black Rifle Coffee and do you like it?

47:18 How comparable is insulin to AAS for recovery for athletic sports like MMA? Also would you use insulin in a more time specific manner if recovery from workouts were the desire?

48:53 Yep! Vet owned, and I agree with the “over-roasting”. (regarding Black Rifle Coffee)

50:26 Can you outline your dosage escalation recommendation regarding cycle design , I know you escalate during the first portion and have a flat dosing scheme for the last part.

52:04 If using Trenbolone at a low dosage (100mg/week) during a pre contest stack, do you have a duration of time you choose not to exceed with this compound?

53:14 I recently saw a video where you suggested starting a 5×5 program at 50% of 1RM which is lighter than most people recommend for strength training. Will taking short rest periods compensate for the lack of load?

55:27 What are your thoughts on the COVID vaccine and the majority of individuals clamoring to get it being young and relatively healthy?

56:46 (David Herrera) I am currently running a 5×4+6 right now with 90 seconds to 120 seconds rest. And I did start at 55%

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