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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 12-6-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

04:44 Is there a certain amount of gyno that a surgeon cannot remove?

06:19 Some words on Dr. Mike’s performance on stage?

06:57 Does Yohimbine need to be cycled, like Clenbuterol?

10:48 Can you please elaborate on the drug protocol used in Eastern Europe where the athlete was overtrained before starting the cycle?

15:48 How long after a course of Testosterone cypionate & Masteron enanthate would you see levels drop once you initiate a TRT protocol?

18:29 How efficient do you think Cardarine (GW501516) is?

19:20 Why is Clenbuterol anabolic?

20:11 Does Boldenone 5-alpha reduce to DHB? If so, does that mean that Boldenone users get a small amount of DHB?

21:55 Do you have a YouTube channel?

22:30 Do you think that the cap for volume per workout is 10-12 sets or 20 sets once per week will be the same?

24:24 10 sets twice per week vs. 20 sets once per week?

26:59 Is appetite suppression from orals directly related to liver stress?

28:00 What would be the Testosterone dosage one would use for women’s TRT/Sports TRT?

28:58 Have you ever dealt with someone who has battled central retinoplasty caused by PED use?

29:14 How would you go about going into your first cycle smartly?

30:15 If the last 5 reps of the set are the effective reps, why don’t programs have sets using weights that limit us to 5 reps?

32:25 Does PT141 have the effects on hematology as MT II?

33:17 Are there any benefits to more expensive coffee?

35:18 Do acidic foods/drinks increase osteoporosis because PH levels?

37:55 Any objection to power training before hypertrophy (in the same workout)?

39:08 Does Nolvadex lower IGF1?

39:35 Any tricks for managing high E2 than just upping your AIs?

41:02 Why is T2 available over the counter & not T4?

41:56 Are there any other noticeable side effects of Arimidex other than those caused by the lowering of estrogen?

42:35 Why is taking a week off of training not a good way to deload? How would you structure a deload for bodybuilders?

43:54 What non AAS compounds should a woman use for hypertrophy?

45:34 How much GH do you take per day?

45:45 Is doing 10 reps to failure, then taking a short rest & doing 5 reps to failure with the same weight & repeating this 5 times is equal 5×5 with heavy weight?

46:10 Is freezing coffee beans for later use efficacious?

47:57 Do you have to take twice the amount of Dianabol to equate the estrogen burden of Testosterone?

48:27 Should one stay on GH indefinitely or cycle it in concurrence with AAS?

51:02 Would you ever consider SARMS?

51:12 Can taking a week off of coffee resensitize you to caffeine?

52: 18 What is the longest you’ve heard of someone using Clenbuterol every day?

53:01 What supplements do you recommend?

53:28 For an amateur bodybuilder, would you say anything less than 6IU of GH would be a waste of time?

55:03 I’m only taking creatine & protein powder & considering quitting supplements. (in addition to the earlier question on supplement recommendations)

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