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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 12-4-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:48 Can you substitute bacteriostatic water with veterinary grade vitamin B12 when reconstituting peptides?

02:55 What is your opinion on the Mountain Dog Training method by John Meadows?

03:47 Should you stay on AAS after an aggressive cut?

04:50 What nutritional changes would you implement during a deload?

05:20 Can Metformin lower IGF1 levels?

08:08 Would 500mg AAS dose be suitable for beginners?

09:15 Thoughts on Trestolone?

10:28 Is there a way to reduce the odor of AAS?

12:30 Is there education on theoretical drug use on the members site?

13:35 When having reached 8IU of GH would split it into 2 4IU doses?

14:43 Can Masteron be as effective as Deca as a main anabolic, all other factors being equal?

16:00 How long for SHBG to return to normal after a blast?

16:52 DO ultra-endurance athletes need to consume a larger proportion of fat in their diets?

17:09 Do you have a preference for brand/model for monitoring blood pressure?

18:20 What are your thoughts on adaptogens post workout? Do you see any major potential benefits?

18:46 What is the best time to take GH for health benefits?

19:50 What exercises would you program for hypertrophy?

21:12 Is inflammation from AAS injection that produces swollen red spots normal?

22:38 Lee Priest was one of the more knowledgeable pros of the era.

24:05 Is there a correlation between insulin sensitivity & muscle pumps? I’ve heard that the fatter you are the worse your pumps will be.

25:04 Can low intensity cardio improve muscle pumps?

26:08 During sports TRT is it acceptable to use insulin to maintain body weight?

27:27 Any supplements/drugs effective for treating prostate enlargement during a cycle?

28:18 Is there any reason to not be on GH indefinitely?

29:30 Why do you prefer a 5mg/kg AAS dose average? (regarding the previous AAS dosing question)

31:07 Does the Sticky Note Sports Nutrition book include supplement recommendations for enhanced athletes?

31:27 Did Lee Priest have cardiovascular problems in the 90s because of excessive junk food consumption?

32:07 Can you stop using low dose Aspirin directly, or do you need to taper the dose down?

33:07 Are decline barbell bench presses underrated for chest development?

34:20 When cocking, cooling & then reheating rice, potatoes, etc. would the resistant starch impact the carbohydrate availability or rate of delivery?

36:25 Does building up calories in the offseason allow one to step on stage while consuming more calories?

38:05 Are there any benefits to supplementing pregnenolone & DHEA that you could speak about?

38:25 How high would you go with Nandrolone as TRT as a percentage of Testosterone?

40:38 Why would an athlete have high zinc & low ferritin?

41:31 Does Boldenone convert to DHT & at what rate?

41:56 I once had rhabdomyolysis from MMA & lifting & now all my joints hurt.

43:06 Arthur Jones quotes.

44:02 Would you recommend more than 2x per week frequency for a body part that needs very high volumes during a hypertrophy phase?

45:01 Boldenone & anxiety.

46:15 Which drug made the most impact on your success during your competitive powerlifting career?

47:12 What do you think about the RPR/RIR concept?

49:10 What’s the heaviest you have been as an athlete?

49:58 Is T2 an effective fat loss supplement?

50:35 Does Boldenone act as an aromatase inhibitor?

52:36 If calories are already low, would you drop them further or add calorie expenditure methods? In which case would you prefer one over the other?

53:42 What is the practical application of Aromasin (Exemestane) vs. Arimidex (Anastrozole)?

55:16 Can GH raise E2 when taking Sports TRT?

55:48 Thoughts on cluster sets as an effective hypertrophy tool vs. regular sets?

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